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    IS-F 2UR-GSE crank / rods / block info

    hi guys, Had the opportunity to pick up an ISF engine for cheap. There is enough info to tell you but there is also a lot on the net. Google is your friend. However some info is not easily available and I hope I can tell you some on here: The engine is very nice to sleep on: Pretty easy...
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    Waterbridge adjustment for supercharger

    hey guys, i need to put my supercharger as low as possible. I was thinking anyone already adjusted the front waterbridge so it's out of the way for the supercharger? Maybe some pics?
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    SC430 swap

    hey guys, I've got a friend who is interested in some extra power in his SC430. Among the option of tuning the 3uz we can also swap it out for an IS-F engine. That would be a better option I guess so we can keep everything stock. Only thing I am afraid of is if all the functions in the car...
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    Variable drive supercharger

    What are the developments currently on the market for this? I've seen two speed drives and some variable drives but none are available to the (after)market yet. Would be nice to drive the supercharger the speed you need, and not bleed off the boost with a recirc valve
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    1GZ-FE bellhouse pattern

    anyone have that 1GZ-FE bellhouse pattern in CAD / DXF or something? Alternatively if you have an automatic bellhouse pattern I can read it in. Thinking of making an adapter plate for it!
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    UZ oil pump failures (cracked rotors)

    hi guys, I was playing with a few engines I have disassmbled here in my workshop. I got the RB26 engine, 2JZ engine and the 3UZ engine. I removed and took apart all the oil pumps. The RB oil pumps are known to crack (the inner rotor) because of the big free play this rotor has on the crank...
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    my intake flanges

    What do you guys think? Movie of the fabrication:
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    Smaller starter

    has anyone successfully installed a smaller starter motor? I need to make some space for my supercharger
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    3uz in boosted config

    hi Guys, I wanted to build a 3uz for myself (boosted) and I was wondering the following: How is the stock intake manifold? It has short and big runners. Will this be fine or do I remove the eight valves inside the manifold? How are the air assisted injectors? Do I keep air assistance or do I...
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    Anyone with some dimensions on the 2UR-GSE

    It seems the 2UR-GSE engine is currently the Lexus V8 with the highest potention, because of the 'G' design heads. Anyone have their dimensions and how do they compare (dimension wise) to the UZ series? Are all UR engines the same size? As there are already a few 1UR and 3UR engines floating...
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    WTB: two or three 2UZ-FE cranks

    I'm after a few (say two or three) cranks for the 2UZ-FE engine. I got a pallet leaving Florida soon so it's domestic shipping. The closer to florida you are the better. Please let me know if you can help me out! Also I'm after a few (also say two or three) 3.2 gear ratio differentials. Can be...
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    SEMA 2010 and roadtrip socal

    guys, I'm visiting SEMA show this year. Anyone visiting sema or is already in vegas? I'm there 2nd of Nov until 6th of Nov (saturday). I'm driving over to LA on saturday and meet some of the socal supras guys there. If you have time to meet, let me know! flying out on tuesday afternoon regards...
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    Torsen into the LS400 UCF10 / UCF20

    Ok this is a difficult mod, but this weekend I got the confirmation it is possible. We had to machine the LS400 pumpkin to accept a torsen locker, also put in the 3.2 gears from a GS400 5 speed. Pretty much custom. If one of you guys can host the pics I can put them on here.
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    finally got my engine dyno running

    still some small leaks to fix and some details, but it finally works:!/video/video.php?v=105758249483913&ref=mf
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    SLK55AMG supercharger on 1UZ

    Quick question: has this ever been done and what are the results?
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    What sparkplugs are you guys using with some boosted applications? Do you go one or two ranges colder or stay the same? Also do you go 'back' to copper or go with irridium or platinum?
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    SC430 bolt on modifications

    Are there any (supercharger) kits available that are bolt-on, keep the stock ECU and do not break the tiny rods :) ? Looking for moderate power increase of say 50 to 100 hp maximum
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    Part number for SC300/400 windshield

    Anyone has the part number for the SC300/400 front windshield (front window). We converted a RHD Soarer to LHD using a wrecked SC400 but on the donor the windshield was gone and the RHD windshield is shaped slightly differently because of the window wipers! I can't find the part number in my EPC...
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    Need some USDM SC300/SC400 headlights

    as in the title. Must not be yellow. I got a few sets but they are all JDM (RHD stuff) and I need the rear USDM lights. Anyone got one or two sets?
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    Crank manufacturers

    What manufacturers should I ask to make a flat plane crankshaft? I found Arrow and farndon in the UK and I also found Cola crankshafts and Sonny Bryant Racing in the USA. Arrow charged an arm and a leg for a crank (or two legs) so I'm looking for alternatives.