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  1. deankdx

    coolant temp light comes on(for maybe 1 second)

    Hi, i recently bought a 1992 LS400. runs fine, i did initially change the thermostat because it was running too cool, now sits just under half way as it should(from what i read) the low level light doesn't come on(reservoir is topped up correctly) there is a yellow light that flashes on at...
  2. deankdx

    on ebay (vic Australia) My XE falcon 1UZ 5 speed

    up for sale on ebay
  3. deankdx

    F.S(Vic Au.) 1UZ 5 speed XE falcon EOI

    lots of details in this thread, Gday, lots of info in this thread, not many pics anymore though, i cant relly be stuffed finishing this project, as i really want to buy a 4WD and also need some cash to paint the outside of My house...
  4. deankdx

    F.S vic Australia, EBAY, ECT and flywheel from 1UZ auto crown

    Gday, click below for items on ebay thanks Dean
  5. deankdx

    ESCORT 1UZ 1977? who owns this?(pic inside)

    had this pic sent to me as the guy has an interest in my falcon, he went googleing probably and found this on the net and sent it to me. it would be insane i have not seen it done on here yet.
  6. deankdx

    (VIC) Calder park, street drags Meet, maybe in MAY?

    Gday fellow Victorians, i think this section is for Meets and gatherings so.... i will want to run My car down the 1/4 mile at calder as soon as i feel it is not gunna blow up or chuck another tailshaft. i reckon its sort of central to Most people to a reasonable extent so i invite any that feel...
  7. deankdx

    anyone got news on the 4WD TA22 1UZ twin turbo celica

    Just wondering if anyone knows what stage its at? there is a few cars that must be either finished or damn Close by now -4WD TA22 1UZ twin turbo -BLOWN EA ford falcon? -Krayn turbo HG Holden ute -twin turbo VH commodore of FATTY'S mine is not far away now, give me another month and she'll be...
  8. deankdx

    radiator hoses, whats the difference: crown, celcior, sc400

    Gday, i am trying to make a factory fitted look and i'm thinking i can get away with running a crown bottom hose, on top and bottom in my application for a neat look, how different if at all are the LS400/celsior hoses to the crown especially the bottom hase, as they would be readily...
  9. deankdx

    is the pic in my sig, too large?

    just for fun, i've put a pic in my sig,(hosted on does it have any issues being the size it is? might not be there long as i might update it with the next explosion of parts thanks Dean
  10. deankdx

    DELIBERATE limp home mode, as security feature

    Just thinking out loud. most people would be pinching a V8 beast for a hoon i would guess? how much fun would limp home mode be in a sort of kill switch scenario. i know it would be near impossible to hotwire under the bonnet seeing the starter for one is burried,(push start could get around...
  11. deankdx

    some people just dont get it LOL, i was just having a stir

    Originally Posted by deankdx Toyota 1UZ is what is the point a small v8 pushing a large car, how many litre is that motor a crossflow probly has more power!! dont get me wrong they are good motors just the power to weight ratio and arent very touqie motors are they, when i mean the crossflow...
  12. deankdx

    3 1UZ beasts in current ZOOM magazine

    Gday, Aussies should be able to find the mag, i doubt many others will(i subscribe as it was easy to miss issues due to sell out etc and no specific dat each month) dont ask me to scan the pages cos my scanner still doesnt work its in issue No.93 with 2 "fully sick" VL commodores on the front...
  13. deankdx

    email notification not happening anymore Why?

    I used to get an email when a new post was added to a thread i subscribed to, but it hasnt happened lately, for example the BLOWN EA thread in the engine swapping section thanks Dean
  14. deankdx

    do you think Valiant enthusiasts would kill me if i fitted a 1UZ to this?

    i havent ran the tape measure yet but the 265 hemi is running on 5cyl and i'm not sure i want to do the Falcon 100% anymore just thinking out loud i guess?
  15. deankdx

    crown auto to w58 5, speedo readings?

    i have in my car a ten pulse/rev transducer running both auto and speedo off the crown speedo output,(i think the speed sensor input is on the ABS? input i don't know but it works so i'm not touching it i know it should be 4 pulse to somewhere else?) what i'd like to know is if the ratio of that...
  16. deankdx

    inlet restrictor(lpg mixer) removed with SFA performance gain

    Gday, i just bypassed(temporarily removed for engineer clearances?) the gas mixer ring from just before the throttle body, at first after refitting the induct pipe i had a flat spot when reving in nuetral but computer must have fixed it. let it idle for a few minutes while i opened the gates to...
  17. deankdx

    75 series landcriuser. does 1UZ fit?

    hi 4WD experts, i like the idea of the hilux conversion but i also like the 75 series landcruisers look and abillity(told that they are robust and capable off road) on a side note how much water would you allow to come onto the engine for water damage to alternator etc? would the answer be...
  18. deankdx

    recent transaction with David LEXTREME A+++

    had recent dealings with david in a overseas transaction that was exeptionally smooth and simple with great comunication, thanks David regards Dean
  19. deankdx

    power surge when going into second gear AUTO, flat spot?

    agian hope its correct section, i have a crown engin trans and ECUs in a falcon, the car is yet to have 4 pulse per rev pulse generator fitted to make auto run in drive(atomatically) the gears are selected manually with shifter and with a switch (obviosly powering certain solenoids) anyway it...
  20. deankdx

    1UZ into falcon? has BEEN DONE all updates here

    you'll still have to check out my other threads to know the when where and why, but i'm starting this thread fresh mainly for the sorting of problems and mods to this set up. today i fitted and LSD 3.45 as the 2.92(which was good enough BLEW UP, 1UZ has same torque as falcon 6 down low) BUT what...