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  1. Damien

    Closed loop tuning with SMT6

    Here are the relevant pages from the SMT6 application notes regarding closed loop tuning. Has anyone had any experience with setting this up? Toys, Weasy you guys have played with the SMT6 haven't you?
  2. Damien

    Flatspot at 3500RPM

    My V8 Soarer has always had a slight flatspot at 3500 with WOT but now I have the Map-ECU it's more pronounced. Logging the AFR with a wideband sensor showed it was too rich there (11.5:1) but to get the AFR closer to 12.1-12.5:1 I had to pull so much fuel it was almost the same value as...
  3. Damien

    Air/Fuel Ratio for 1UZ?

    For those who are running a programmable ECU, what AFR are you running at WOT? I know it'll vary somewhat from engine to engine but one dyno guy told me around 12:1 is what you want for an N/A engine and another said 13:1 is the go or even up to 13.5:1... I now have a wideband AFR meter so I...
  4. Damien

    Installed Map-ECU in Soarer

    On the weekend I finished installing a Map-ECU in my V8 Soarer. My long-term aim is to run ITB's which I have sitting on a shelf so I needed to get rid of the AFM. I installed the unit in "auto-learn" mode a few weeks ago which means it's wired up to read the output of the AFM to populate the...