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  1. Jaemus

    Trade 1UZ heads (complete with valvetrain and covers) for rear sump NSW

    Like it says, I have these spare heads, and I need a rear sump :) Complete heads including all valvetrain (ie. cams, valves, cam gears) and cam covers, no plastic spark plug covers though. Can also throw in all the early 1UZ head specific gear I have like the water passages etc (which wont be...
  2. Jaemus

    WTB: 1UZ rear sump setup, UZ VVTi wiring harness

    Hi guys Like it says, I'm chasing these parts. I'm building a VVTi 1UZ for a JZA80 Supra and the motor I bought came without a sump, so I need: - Complete Soarer / SC400 rear sump setup including the alloy intermediate plate, oil pickup, dipstick and all bolts. (I have no sump currently so...
  3. Jaemus

    1UZ-FE / CRS adapter / Clutch / W58 Gearbox assembled (Syd, NSW) also MZ20 Soarer

    UCF11 Celsior 1UZ-FE 4.0L Quad Cam V8 and W58 Gearbox / Clutch / Adapter package - '90 or '91 model complete motor- cost me $1400 - Converted to rear sump using SC400 / Soarer parts, suitable for Z20 / A70 / JZA80 / Z30 or anything else that needs a rear sump - Supplied with Celsior headers...
  4. Jaemus

    1UZ-FE / CRS kit / Clutch / W58 - and - '88 MZ20 Soarer - Zoom feature car (Syd, NSW)

    1UZ-FE from UCF11 Celsior Rear Sump conversion / W58 Gearbox / Clutch / CRS Adapter package Assembled (before sump conversion) - Complete motor - cost me $1400 - Converted to rear sump using SC400 / Soarer parts, therefore suitable for Z20 / A70 / JZA80 / Z30 or anything...
  5. Jaemus

    1UZ rear sump setup (Aus)

    hey, im chasing the rear sump setup (SC400) all associated parts (including the oil filter mount) im in sydney, australia have front setup from celsior/LS400 to swap if needed email / MSN [email protected]
  6. Jaemus

    WTB: Soarer/SC oil filter mount - in aus (sydney)

    for 1UZ :) like the title says! email me [email protected] or add me to MSN
  7. Jaemus

    Front sump for Rear sump setups - in Aus (sydney)

    Like the title says! email me on [email protected] or add me to MSN