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  1. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    FS: 1uzfe Fish Supercharger Bracket - Vortech, Procharger etc.

    Hey al I will take the bracket as long as it is for the sc400 model. Since it is slightly different than the ls400. We could meet up somewhere too since I am local.
  2. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    The car is 99% done

    Looks killer man, keep up the good work. I got black on black on my SC too.
  3. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    My official introduction thread with Pics..... check it out......

    I appreciate the offer man, but I can't come up with that amount of cash anytime soon due to me saving for my wedding at the beginning of next year.
  4. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    My official introduction thread with Pics..... check it out......

    Thanks for the info steve you are right on the volitility of nitrous. I have already went through blowing up one motor on nitrous it was a 4 cyl though. I put a custom turbo setup on it afterwards and was completely satisfied. I spent alot of money on it to make it right, but it was worth it. I...
  5. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    My official introduction thread with Pics..... check it out......

    I appreciate the info on the suspension steve.:biggthumpup: It was a toss up for me on the two sets of the coilovers you listed. But I did some more looking and I think I will be doing the gixxer-drew setup off of CL the same one that Redphoenix has on his car.:drive: I have since decided to...
  6. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    My official introduction thread with Pics..... check it out......

    Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate the kind words. I am up in the air on FI right now. I already have a turbo from a previous car build laying in my garage. It is a bit small for the lexus V8 it's a turbonetics t3/t4 hybrid 57 trim .63 AR hot side and i think .58 cold side im not 100%...
  7. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    Opinions on Twin Holset WH1C's

    I think the A/R's on those would suffice for your build, I say go for it I see great results with using those.:drive: I have heard pretty good things about holset, master power is a good brand too and relatively cheap. A friend of mine runs the master power and has had good luck with it. I have...
  8. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    Project SC400TT

    Keep up the great work Ryan!!!! I can't wait to see this thing in person some day soon. I know the pictures don't even do it justice. I made a small intro thread in the general section, if you get time check it out.
  9. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    My official introduction thread with Pics..... check it out......

    Ok guys, I have been lerking on the forums here for awhile getting some knowledge and building up my Soarer to a level that I thought was satisfactory to show some pictures of. I have been building the car for almost two years now. I would like to thank David of Lextreme and all of you members...
  10. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    SC400 vs Inifity G37

    So what was the outcome of this? Or have you guys not lined them up yet?
  11. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    Twin-Turbo V8 6-Speed SC: UZZ-TT

    Looking awesome Zach, wish my 400 was as bada^& as your's, Ryan's, Scott's, and other's. I'm working on it slowly but surely, lol. I will make an official introduction thread soon, to introduce myself to everyone.
  12. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    Project SC400TT

    WOW Ryan, you have an amazing ride going on your hands. You have alot more patiance than I have. Being able to have your car down for that many years building it to the level you are taking it to. It will all be totally worth it in the end though.
  13. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400


    Lookin awesome Steve, keep up the awesome work man thing should be a beast:veryhappy: . It's been awhile since I have posted on here and talked to you. I have been very busy building up the Lexus and busy with life. I think the last time we spoke was when we got the same bodykit. I ended up...
  14. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    Steering Wheel

    Ok guys i've seen alot of SC's and guys on here who have swapped different Lexus steering wheels on their SC's because their steering wheel was thrashed real bad or just didn't like the look. I am wondering what all I need to do to swap my 92 SC400 to like an IS wheel and is it that difficult...
  15. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    h3 fog light bulbs?

    Hey guys I just purchased all new PIAA headlight bulbs and H3 fog light bulbs. The high and low beam headlight bulbs are direct replacement of the oem ones. But the H3 bulbs are alot different that the 1156 prong type bulb in the 92 sc's. The H3 fog light bulbs only have one wire coming from the...
  16. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    Body kit dillemma... need some help!!!

    Ya I know I screwed up but not saving more and buying the legit kit, but I solved my problem. I got alot better paying job now that I enjoy so I can easily afford thinks for the sc. I kept the JIC side skirts which look really good im my new phantom metallic paint off of an 05 gm car. I bought...
  17. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    Body kit dillemma... need some help!!!

    Hey guys I just purchased the J- Magic replica extreme dimensions duraflex fiberglass kit for my 92 SC. I am very dissapionted with the quality of this kit I only paid 900 for it so I guess thats my fault, but I thought it would be alot better than this. The side skirts went on somewhat decent...
  18. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    JIC Magic body kit

    Steve, are you going to install the kit yourself, or are you going to have a shop do it. I've done body work at my dad's body shop my whole life and this Extreme Dimensions kit is a pain in the a$$. Ive had to modify it so much to make it fit. Alot of sanding and cutting excess fiberglass. I was...
  19. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    JIC Magic body kit

    I guess im gonna have find some newer fog lights to buy somewhere here soon. The car is under the knife right now getting stripped, new black paint (previously jade green), jic magic kit, 18" bronze 5 ziegen wheels, and more for the winter makeover. Ill post pics of it when im done with the...
  20. Chris's (1UZFE) SC400

    JIC Magic body kit

    Hey guys, I just purchased the JIC Magic Body Kit and I noticed it has a place for fog lights in the front. Ive seen some pictures of cars with the fogs. Mine is a 92 model and the pictures of those fog lights look nothing like mine. I was wondering if there is anyone else running the kit that...