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    biggest useable turbo on a 1UZFE?

    well, i have a gigantic KKK unit. it's so big, it has trouble fitting next to the engine in the battery bay of a good mate's 308 HZ stato engine bay (big engine bay for the amercans out there). it's a twin entry - so to see if it would spool we stuck a pair of leaf blowers up to it, with some...
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    1UZ-2UZ Qs

    i've seen the spreadsheet and have a few Qs. it says the 2UZ block and Early 1UZ heads are not compatible, along with the manifolding - is this really true? i thought all early 1UZ stuff was compatible with the 2UZ except for pistons? now - i have a query. does a 1UZ crank fit a 2UZ...
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    hey all - i'm sure you've all seen Peewee's (CrUZida?) threa on Toymods about the NCOP regs. But i would like to bring up a Q about the regs. it seems all the discussion is focussed on the LA2 regs for modifying - with that neat little table for engine displacement vs weight. now, correct me...
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    gearbox adaptor plates.

    okay guys here's your chance to get something out in the open. if someone wants to measure a 1UZFE bellhousing W58 bellhousing and an R154 bellhousing and provide ALL dimensions on a clearly marked and neat drawing (can be by hand - i can interpret things) and PM it or post it up via...
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    WTD - 2x 90º speedo drives

    Hi all, chasing two 90deg speedo adaptor drive thingos off the A340-1 transmissions, but if you only have one then - hey great - i'll take that too. need them asap shipped to Parmelia WA 6167. will pay a reasonable price. cheers.
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    2UZFE pistons.

    Hey all. Does anyone know how to get a hold of forged pistons for a 2UZFE? Ive tried everywhere i can in AUS, but with no help or ludicrous prices. is there anyone out there that can help?
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    There are 2 new categories of Approved Sponsor and Approved Vendor. These new categories will appear in place of someone's "White belt" or existing "Vendor" tag under their username. SPONSOR An Approved Sponsor is a commercial retailer offering discounts to members on parts...
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    good launches.

    hi all. i'm just wondering if any of you knwo any good tricks to launching fast and getting good 60ft times. i'm having a hell of a mission trying to get under 2.0 sec in a car capable of about a 1.8sec. my best is 2.07sec. it's a mid 13sec 1JZGTE soarer with a stock auto - my mate can...
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    Rules for Feedback Threads (all to read).

    Feedback and all replies related for a certain company and/or individual will only be allowed if the thread meets the following criteria > 1) you must have PERSONALLY had an experience with said company and/or individual. 2) your opinion of said company and/or individual will be deleted...
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    New Aussie plasma cutter/machinist.

    a friend of mine is looking into buying an industrial plasma cutter (mainly for signage work, machine parts etc) and was wondering how many people in OZ would be looking for bellhousing adaptors, custom sump flanges and header flanges etc. the parts can be cut out of mild steel, stainless or...
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    crossover pipe material choice.

    hi folks. another quick query - just chasing opinions really. in my project plans, i'm running unequal length headers because i have a big single turbo in the front RHS of my engine bay. the crossover pipe from the LH bank of cylinders will go down under the crank pulley and come up under...
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    comments on build plan.

    okay folks - i'm sure some of you are aware of my build plans to re-power a KE70 corolla with an early crown 1UZFE. i want to know if anyone can see any glaring errors with this build plan so here it is. seam welded KE70 'rolla hilux diff with 4.5:1 detroit lockerwith rose jointed top links...
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    aaaaaaand another sump question!

    hi all, can anyone tell em what sump would fit in front of this crossmember? can i get away with a centre sump of would a front sump + modded swaybar be the go...? it's a KE70 btw.
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    Can 1uzfe be swap on 1980 ke-70 corolla

    do we have an update on this? i'm very interested in what happened to this car.
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    i'm wondering if anyone out there has had first hand experience with methanol as a fuel. i understand it's quite corrosive to anything of a petroleum nature (rubber hoses, plastic tanks etc) but how is it with standard metal...? my thinking is i can build a fuel system using bundy tube and...
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    look what i just won on eBay.

    my eBay bargain 9.5L diesel turbo $AU253 for a reconditioned turbo delivered to my door is pretty good. i really don't care if it has a olskool core on no water cooling - it's going in the KE70 project which will be a low buck build. will be getting kelford cams for the 1UZ and using a...
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    my new headers...

    passenger side
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    fkuc these headers!!!!

    my headers warped after welding. beyond salvage. so i have to cut them up and start ALL OVER AGAIN. yay. i am going to burn this car if it gives me ONE more problem. one.
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    anyone know where i can get info on these babies? it's the 4.5L straight six out of the 100series landcruisers...?
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    Crown Engines

    centre sump engine. i have removed the fan and ps / ac and now i have what i think is three idler pulleys. if the fan pulley also the water pump pulley? ir is it just idle without the fan like the tensioner and the top pulley?