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    3UZ for 2UZ

    Ill trade you my low milage, very light 3UZ block for your heavy cast iron 2UZ block. I also have JE forged pistons availiable for the 3UZ, they can be sold cheap to the new owner. With skirt coating, rings and pins and argo rods if you like. Thanks, jo.
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    Hey guys, I told you id eventually get through all the engine parts, past was pistons, todays is crankshafts! So Ive just finished pulling apart my 3UZ, its been long awaited, family issues have pinned this project to the floor... Now removing the crankshaft I realise its already pretty...
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    WTB: Heads

    Hi guys, after closer inspection im not so keen to use the current head off my 3UZ, they're not warped, the cams just dont turn over smoothly at all in one of them. So im just wondering if anyone has a RHS (when you look at it from the front) set of heads (dont need valves, or hardware) from a...
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    HUGE Favour

    Hey guys I have a very large favour to ask one of you guys in the states. I have some computer parts that I need shipped off back to Australia, only I cant ship them back here myself, I can get them to your US address, only no further than that. Is there anyone in the states that wouldn't mind...
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    Haha, slowly ill get through every engine part. Anyway I was just wondering, how heavy are those Ross pistons? Ive been looking for a 'box' design similar to Mahle and CP's X-Forgings to save weight. I figured spinning to 10k, for the rods sake (Argo) it would be nice to save some weight up...
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    Chevy Rods

    Hey guys, now Ive already got myself a set of argo rods and yes they are amazing, but I cant help but wonder if the grass is greener with these guys...
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    Newbie + Project + Question

    Hi guys, I know this is my first post, but I've been trawling this forum for ages; anyway, newbie and question never go well together in a post so i'll try to get to the point. Im going to build myself a LPG injected UZ series engine (which will eventually to go into my is200), and to ensure a...