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    1UZFE boat not starting-Sideshow

    Hey guys this is a message for Sideshow as he did the wiring conversion on my 1UZ boat, but I will put it out there for all for future reference. Everything was working perfectly on the boat and was extremely reliable, I had to replace the steering ram so had to take all the cowling out and...
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    1UZFE powered Sea Ray Boat for sale

    Hi thanks for looking at my SeaRay. This boat comes packed with features and will suit your family fun on the water for many years. Features include : Approx 300hp Toyota/Lexus 1UZFE Quad Cam Fuel Efficient all-alloy V8 with Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition. Mercruiser Alpha One...
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    1UZ to Mercruiser Fitting Kit.

    Hey guys, After my successful install of the 1uz into my Searay with a mercruiser I have a spare adaptor kit for those interested. It includes bellhousing, 17 spline mercruiser coupler, 2 driveshafts, 1 x bravo and 1 x alpha, and coupler adapter to bolt it straight to 1UZ crankshaft with...
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    Seized Cam Bearings.

    I have been reading alot of posts about seized front camshaft bearings and its seems its becoming a bit of an epidemic with these engines. I have had mine go recently on a converted SC400 engine in a boat. Im about to put my second 1UZ in the boat and I was wondering if theres anything I can...
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    Wanted SC400 1UZ long engine.

    Hi guys looking for an SC400 1UZ engine in the greater sydney/newcastle area in NSW AUS. Please PM me or call/txt me on 0400695955. Loom /ECU etc not essential, just need to know it was going when pulled.
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    1UZ into Boat

    Hey guys 99.9% there trying to get a start on the boat but there are a few things baffling me:- The Engine is a 91 Soarer (crashed but motor undamaged). I removed it from the car and was running upon removal. The loom was done by Sideshow from the club...he has been a great help...
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    Oil pressure switch questions

    Hey guys, with the standard oil pressure switch, does the ECU need to see the oil switch? The reason why is that I have replaced it with a Mercruiser unit to suit the gauges in my boat. Will I need to put the standard one in line somewhere in the oil system for the engine to work?
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    Lexus 1UZFE Marine Manifolds for sale

    Hi all, I have a pair of Brand New Rolco Alloy Marine manifolds for sale. I am in the Newcastle NSW AUSTRALIA are but can post worldwide at the buyers expense. Im looking for $650 for the pair. Note these manifolds have been fitted but not used. The are unsuitable for my sterndrive setup but...
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    Wanted 1UZFE Marine Manifolds

    Hi there, I am wondering if anyone from the club has hi-rise marine manifolds to suit the 1uz. I know a few places do them, I currently have a paif of Rolcos however they are not going to work with my rear mounted setup in the boat. Kind Regards, Craig
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    1UZFE to AUDI 016 transaxle who's done it?

    Hey guys, Whos made the conversion of a 1UZ to an audi 016 or other similarly budget priced transaxle? Has anyone got a diagram or an adapter plate for sale? what flywheel clutch packages did you use? What sort of $$$ would i need to budget? Open to ideas. Its for a "budget priced" ( i...
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    A/C pump deletion.

    Hey all, I was wondering if there was a setup I can buy which deletes the a/c compressor pump and I can run a straight pulley. Or is there another way to delete the pump cause its going into a boat and I wont require air conditioning obviously!! Craig
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    wanted water cooled manifolds to suit a 1uzfe

    Hi there , If anyone is willing to part with water cooled manifolds to suit a 1uzfe lexus v8 I would be interested. regards, call or email Craig on 0298491646 or [email protected] seven hills NSW AUS.
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    1991 SC400 Soarer Limited Wrecking

    Hey guys, I bought an SC400 limited for the engine ECU loom and bellhousing. I am in the Seven Hills Sydney AUS region and Im prepared to take stuff off an mail/courier it at buyers cost. PM or ring me on 0400995409 for details. parts available are as follows:- A/C system complete or...
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    Fuel Pump and Fuel Pressure for stock 1UZ (boat application)

    Hey giuys, Ive done an extensive search on the forum regarding fuel pumps and pressure settings. I assume the Lexus car would have an in-tank EFI fuel pump...most cars do. Anyway my 1UZ is for a boat. Im running a stock 1UZ so I was wondering whats the cheapest and most reliable EFI external...
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    wanted 1uzfe block only required

    Hi guys just after a cheap 1uzfe block in the sydney AUS area for mock up pruposes only. Dont care if its seized or whatever condition.
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    Wanted cheap 1uzfe bellhousing for mock up purposes

    Hi there Im after a cheap bellhousing in the sydney area or even somewhere in australia.
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    Project LexRay :Lexus 1UZFE onto an Alpha 1 Sterndrive

    Hey guys, I am already enthralled with the brilliant 1UZFE and I havent even owned one yet...But Im planning to, in both an LS400 (arent they cheap now!) and also a 1993 Sea Ray Bowrider with an Alpha 1 Mercruiser sterndrive. BTW I live in Sydney Australia. My topic is as follows;- After the...