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    Wtb: Afm

    I am after a AFM to suit a Toyota soarer. I am in Newcastle but willing to pay for postage Cheers James
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    Digital instrument cluster

    I am building a hilux with a 1ux and a few other bits and pieces and as mine was originally a diesel I need to change the original tacho to read the 1uz signal. I am also using a gearbox with an electronic signal so I also have to change out the speedo to an electronic one instead of cable...
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    Have I got it right

    I am in the process of putting a 1uz into a ln106 hilux which will all sit onto of a nissan gq patrol chassis and suspension. All of the metal work and paint etc I have covered but the only auto electrics I have done before is wiring up some speakers. The engine is out of a toyota soarer with...
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    Freebie Soarer Auto Box

    I have an auto gearbox out of a Toyota soarer the was burntout. The box does'nt look like it has gotten very hot but some of the plastic plugs are melted/deformed. Free to anyone who wants to come and pick it up otherwise I will take it to the scrap yard next time I am there. Pick up...
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    1uz to patrol gearbox

    Iam looking at the possibily of putting a 1uz into a patrol chassis and wondering if there are readily available parts to fit them together? I have only found a few people that have done it on the net but no details of how the box and engine where mated, pressure plate and clutch setups. Any...
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    1UZ into Hilux on 80series Chassis

    G'day I have been lurking here for a while planning my next build and have a few questions but first I will give you an idea of what I am planning. My critera for this build where to be a Hilux dual cab :D, be great off road, and be comfortable enough to take the misses and kidlet on weekend...