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    sudden change in engine behavior

    bought a 19 ls400 with 103k and put 75k on it. its at 178,010 mi. drove ok and parked. Went back out 20 mins later, car started up fine, but would only drive 15mph after that. wierd almost stinky ammonia smell comes from tailpipe while it runs this way. checked timing belt and it didnt jump...
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    1991 ls400 front suspension nightmare!

    I have a 1991 lexus ls400 that I purchased from a 2nd owner home. The car (other than cruise control not working) was in mint shape, with perfect leather interior (even perfect steering wheel leather). I have had the car just over 2 yrs and I am now at just over 159k miles. I update the...
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    1uz into 1988 v6 4X4 5spd 4Runner

    OK, I purchased this 4runner about 5 years ago and was originally going to go 7m swap. I knew I didn’t want ANY 4 cyl and knew the 5vzfe swap was expensive but easy. I also know that I didn't want to bulge the hood. So after inspiration from SUPERRUNNER and a few others, I set out to go 7m and...
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    1 or 2 1uz oil pan

    like it says. What do you guys have? Also lookingfor someone with crown log style manifolds and crown oil filter relocator oe elbow or adapter plate for aftermarker relocator
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    wanted: crown log manifolds

    like it says. What do you guys have? Also lookingfor someone with crown 1uz oil relocator or aftermarket oil filter plate and a 1 or 2uz oil pan for 4x4
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    crown oil filter setup for 1uz or oil filter plate

    like it says. What do you guys have? Also lookingfor someone with crown log style manifolds and a 1 or 2uz oil pan for 4x4
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    heated working spac to do a swap?

    I'm located in San Diego, CA and was wondering if anyone on the site would be willing to trade some wrenching assitance, etc ors a few oe supra parts for some garage or workshop space in San diego. I have a 4runnr to complete a 1uz swap and I have 92 nissan poickup that needs a stock motor...
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    1uz to 1st & 2nd gen v6 chassis mounts?

    Anyone make a set of mounts to mate the 1uz to the 1st or 2nd ghen 4 runner v6 mount locations? I dont have a wlder or anything like that, And thisis where my project will likely get stopped. Ive had my 4runner for 4 years without a motor and I want to get it started. I'm running the r151...
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    1uz and r154 flange cad files

    anyone have these bolt patterns in autocad? how about engine mount cad dwgs for 4wd mk1 or mk2 4runner w/o body lift or tranny-back relocation?
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    1uzfe flywheel and pressure plate set for sale

    I have a cast steel flywheel and 1200 lb pressure plate for sale. Unit fits 1uz, 2uz, and 3uz engines. Requires no modification. Included is low mileage pressure plate capable of holding 260 ft lbs of torque with stock clutch. This setup uses the stock 1uz flexplate hardware and bolts and the...
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    My 1uz swap just started

    Here it goes: I purchased an 1988 4x4 v6 4runner fitted with the 3vze and r150 5 sped transmission. Engine was blown, however I purchased it with a clean interior, straight body, knowing I was going to swap a different motor in it anyway. My plan was to drop in a 7mgte supra engine, which would...
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    lookin for:

    lx 470 oil pan, r154/r151 to 1uz adapter or b.housing and/or auto b.housing from 1uz tranny. for 4x4 4runner swap you can email me @[email protected]