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    Pistons wanted, peferably in UK

    Hi, I am after the left hand bank pistons from a 95+ engine (10.4 compression, maybe the VVTi pistons would be OK? not sure at the moment. Anyone doing a turbo conversion and fitting forgies will have these available. Mike
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    1uz-fe Engine BORE MAX?

    Ahhh, those look good, sorry my toyota searching isnt so good, I know where things are in the nissan forums as I spend more time there. Well it looks hopeful, but is the crown volume a net + x cc or a net - y cc?? Also it looks like I want the post 95 piston without the steel insert for...
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    I'm the 1st to post in the uk section!

    Yay, me too, I'm another Brit on the Forum... Mike
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    Free OEM Pistons

    Are these still available & will you consider overseas shipping? Mike
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    1UZ engine component weights

    Dead thread resurrection time... Does anyone have any weights for the 10.4:1 & the VVTi pistons?? Also dome/dish volume on/in the piston? Mike
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    1uz-fe Engine BORE MAX?

    Damn, Ahh well I guess I have to keep my eyes open for the next person to open up their own engine. I have searched all over the place, I can get decent shots of the forged turbo pistons, but no decent shots of the std pistons anywhere. Mike
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    adjustable cam gears

    When you skim the heads, you need to bring the timing back to the correct figures, that is when same direction timing is good to go. At a total guess you get 4or 5 degrees per mm of skim, so with a 0-8 cam gear and a retard of 4 due to skimming, you can now change the center lines by a bit. Mike
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    Would anyone be so kind to offer some advice ?

    Every engine responds a little bit differently to tuning, but 11.5:1 with custom pistons and a careful tune is normally doable, 12:1 needs a lot of attention to detail on the tuning and will knock on stale tanks of fuel, but has been made to work, some of the honda guys are at 12.5:1 and pump...
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    1uz-fe Engine BORE MAX?

    Hi, Mike here again, Have you had your spare block apart yet?? do you think you could send me a close up of the top and sides of the std pistons?? Regards.
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    Where can I get a tiny V8

    MotoGuzzi made a 500 cc V8 just before the war, beautiful little engine. Mike
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    Oil pressure when dealing with high revs

    That has always been true, but the compromise is to keep the bearing temps under control, you also need to consider crank stiffness, as in flex of the crankpin. Mike
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    Oil pressure when dealing with high revs

    crank scraper about 2-6 hp, dry sump 5-10 hp, thinner oil about 5hp if your lucky, its also a question of right sizing the oil pump to suit the clearances you want to run. I call bs on freeing up 50 hp in an NA car. On another forum the sub-title of the ALL-motor section is: "For the deep...
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    1uz-fe Engine BORE MAX?

    Could you e-mail me a pic of the top and side view of the std piston while you have the block apart... Regards, Mike
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    Building the ultimate N/A UZFE

    If you raise the compression by skimming the head and using a thinner head gasket you will alter the cam timing and you will need cam gears. Mike
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    UZ Block Pictures needed

    does anyone have the pics of OEM 1UZ pistons?? Mike
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    UZ block questions

    For the deck to bottom of bore try using stroke + piston length +2mm or so, it will be close to that. Mike
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    87.5mm piston question/pics

    what bore is the 3VZ? its 94mm isnt it? what is the weak point on the 1MZ pistons? I would love to think about using a 1UZ-FE piston, but I havent seen a decent picture of the std factory piston yet. The asftermarket piston pics tell me it will be close, but the money shot is the std piston...
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    87.5mm piston question/pics

    Update, I have found that the 1MZ-FE pistons are a pretty close match, does anyone have the weight figures for those?? The compression height is ever so slightly less, I am going to need cam gears anyway, so a little bit more off the block wont matter. The small end diameter matches. The...
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    BMW Motorcycle Pistons

    Bingo... Mike
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    Would anyone like engine weights and measures (make a request)

    The cycle by cycle variation of effective piston weight is 3gms due to oil sticking to the piston underside, but in order to control NVH japanese manufacturers often go for a 1gm match in piston weight. Mike