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    Toyota Surf 1uz Manual for sale QLD

    PICS 1992 Hilux Surf Wagon 1UZ Lexus V8 Conversion by Venom Cobra's in Brisbane Cost in excess of 12000 dollars, with Custom made Safari Snorkel adapted on Manual gearbox, still has the 4wd system New Heavy Duty Clutch (Also have...
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    sc400 Rev cut a 3750 RPM HELP URGENT

    Heres the problem I own a sc400 1991 model imported for Japan to Australia When i picked it up it was hitting a rev limiter at 3750 Now the car is absolutely stock i've taken it to the local toyota dealer who have fault check the car with the australia 1uz diagnostic tool (only shows about half...
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    V8 Soarer (SC400) Won't rev past 3800RPM

    My new V8 SC400 (1991 model) has a small problem, it drives perfectly but it hits a rev cut at 3800rpm. Its an ECU type cut, and no metter what i'm doing full throttle or part throttle or even at idle it still does it. I've posted this on australia toyota forum and they haven't come up with...