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  1. krayn

    Spark issues.

    Hi all. I went for a dyno session yesterday, and it turns out i have an ignition problem. Its breaking down badly at anything over 10 psi. changed leads, still the same. At this stage im looking at replacing plugs, leads, caps and coils. Does any one have any suggestions on what is a...
  2. krayn

    E85 fuel map

    Hi All. Does any one happen to have a screenshot of a fuel map to suit a boosted e85 setup running 2200cc injectors. Just trying to get some base settings into the ecu to get it up and running to then get it dynoed. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Kris.
  3. krayn

    440 cc 7mgte injectors for sale

    Hi all. I have for sale a set of 440 cc injectors for sale. Pm me if interested. Kris
  4. krayn

    1996 crown ecu's for sale

    Hi all. I have some 96 toyota crown ecu's for sale. Pm me for more details. Kris
  5. krayn

    ARP part no for head studs

    Does anyone know for sure what the arp part number is to sit the 1uz is? Ive got 2 sets to suit the 3sgte but has a different thread that goes into the block. The length is right, just the tread pitch is wrong. I suspect this kit is intended for an iron block as the treads in this kit is finer...
  6. krayn

    Arp head studs in Australia

    Hi all, Im about to place an order for some arp head studs in usa. I have been quoted $ 300 deliverd to my door for two 3sgte kits. Is anyone else after some as well that live in australia? Might make freight a bit cheaper. Cheers kris
  7. krayn

    Anyone know where David, aka lextreme, is??

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has heard from David? I purchased some valve stem seals from this site and havent been able to get a reply from him where they are, or if they have been sent. Tried emailing and PM but no reply. Just want to know so I can get some else where if he cant send...
  8. krayn

    WTB Cams, head studs, mls head gasket set

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any of the following they want to sell: * Set of cams to suit turbo application, * Set of ARP head studs * Mls head gasket set. Thanks Kris.
  9. krayn

    Turbo boat

    Hi. Its not a 1uz, but a good watch.......
  10. krayn

    1uz Dimensions

    Hi all, Not sure if this has been posted up here or not but thought it might be helpfull, cheers kris...
  11. krayn

    Holden HT ute

    Hi Guys, I went to a car show on the weekend and managed to get a couple of burnouts in. Ran it on low boost and had the water injection going. Getting it dynoed in the next month or so. Cheers
  12. krayn

    Ht holden with turbo 1uz for sale

    Hi all, I have a new project now and would like some space in the shed. I am have my holden ht ute for sale. The ute has many modifiactions aimed at drag racing. The motor is a Lexus 1UZ-FE. It has been turbocharged with a super t70 turbo and an air to air intercooler. The engine management is a...
  13. krayn

    Advise on dyno shops in Victoria

    Hi Guys, The time has come to get my motor professionally dyno tuned. Can any one recomend any one in Victoria, Australia who knows there way arround a Wolf ecu? I was intending to give EFI hardware in Mitcham a go, Any thoughts, Cheers Kris.
  14. krayn

    1uz to GM powerglide

    Hi All, Does any one know if there is a bolt on bell housing to convert to powerglide. I know the traditional powerglide does not have a bell housing that unbolts but the holden 6 cyl one does have the bell housing that unbolts, and if there was a bellhousing that bolts to this...
  15. krayn

    Paint on chrome???

    This question is a little of topic for a 1uz but heres the problem. Im cleaning up some origional chrome hub caps for my rims and need to re apply the origional balck pinstiping ect on the chrome cap. Anyone know what type of paint to apply that does not peel off the chrome easly? There must...
  16. krayn

    for sale, air conditioner compressor

    Having a shed cleanout. Any one want a air conditioner compressor from a 96 crown? have a bit of electrical stuff left over from the front cut, Kris [email protected]
  17. krayn

    440cc injectors for sale

    Hi Guys, here are some injectors for sale in australia if anyone is interested Dam, ive just won two sets from the states on ebay, been looking for a while now...
  18. krayn

    7mge or 7mgte injectors wanted

    Hi Guys, Im looking to replace my stock injectors before I get it dynoed. I have the 251cc injectors at the moment but would like to run up to 10 - 11 psi, so I need 315 cc injectors at least. If anyone has any green tip injectors from a 7mge or the 440cc ones from a 7mgte that...
  19. krayn

    Harmonic Ballancer wanted

    Hi guys, Anyone have a spare harmonic balancer thay want to sell in Australia. Mine has a wobble in it and trying to get rid of a vibration at 1600 rpm. Thanks Kris
  20. krayn

    Wolf 3d v4

    Hi guys, Just thought Id let you know about my first time experience with the Wolf 3d v4. It seems as though it will do everthing I want once it is set up properly, but getting it there seems a little bit of a struggle. The main problem seems to be the information, or...