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  1. 88sogreatv8

    New Used ECU issues!! , I think i hydrolocked my engine with fuel !!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    SO i have a 88 cressida with a 95 ls400 engine swapped I had to recently replace my Ecu with a used one , due to having a power output issues on my m-rel on the original ecu. now i have major issues after the computer swap!!!! The first day i installed the new ecu it idled really low but...
  2. 88sogreatv8

    1988 Cressida 1uz no start no check engine light , no power to m-rel

    So sunday last week i went to get a bite to eat. after parking sitting down eating and returning to my cressida, it wouldn't fire. after sitting in the parking lot for 20 mins i tried to start it again and it fired so i thought my gas gauge was off and went to a gas station. I went to the gas...
  3. 88sogreatv8

    Cold start issues. No throttle response 1uz swap 88 toyota cressida

    So i have swapped a 1uz out of a 1995 ls400 into my 1988 cressida. It runs fantastic when its warmed up but when its cold . It never wants to have any throttle response. you can sit on the gas pedal when cold and it wont move it just falls on its face. Only after going thru all the gears and...
  4. 88sogreatv8

    1988 Cressida 1995 LS400 1UZ Swap

    So I have been slowly working on my 1UZFE That is going into my 88 Cressida. I am to the point where i am working on the harness . I would like to make it plug and play , so i just plug in a few body plugs and hook up the grounds and powers and go. I am on the E11 connector currently, I know...
  5. 88sogreatv8

    Suggestions for exhaust manifolds 95 ls400 1uz into 88 mx73

    I have a 88 Toyota Cressida , that is currently getting a 1uz swap out of a ls400. the factory left side manifold will not work with the steering shaft. I am contemplating using a sc400 manifold . It appears to be more streamline than the ls400's. I have already tried to modify a cheap tundra...