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    1UZ in Thai longtail boat

    Got the idea of makig an update of the boat stuff. (I know I posted pics on the forum before but I just cannot find the thread/entries.) So here comes a new thread in the "anything goes" forum. I have a ca 10 m long longtail boat made of hardwood in a canal just 5-6 km north of Bangkok. The...
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    Difference ECUs 89661-50241 and 89661-50240

    When I first got my 1UZ it had ECU 50241. Since then I have screwed up 3 ECUs. Could not get hold of 50241 used 50240 in stead, to me seems the engine is running just fine with 50240. Although, I wonder if somebody knows the difference between the two.
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    Plugs for 1UZ ECU

    The Toyota part number of my ECU is 89661-50241. (94/95 Celsior) I would like a set of plugs for this ECU. Would anybody know where I could buy a set of plugs, (online)? Just the plugs, no cabling. Or would anybody have a spare set that I could purchase?
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    1UZ and suitable engine oil temperature

    I am not happy with the oil temperature on my 1UZ: I have a relatively big Monster radiator with two powerful Bosch thermostat controlled fans. I am using the red anti freeze fluid in black plastic cans, Toyota pre mixed coolant. There is between 10 and 11 liters of coolant in the system...
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    1UZ doesn't start (igniter?/timing?)

    My 1UZ is in a boat, hence I don't know what car it comes from. Its a front sump pre VVT 1UZ. The crest on the top is Toyota, not Lexus. My best guess is Celsior (same as LS400?) Hauled the engine and did some work on it, now it will not start. Changed the oil pump. Changed the timing...
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    Another newcomer. 1UZ in longtail boat

    Hi there. I have a 1UZ in a so called longtailboat in Bangkok. I am hoping to do about 50 knots when all is ready. I know little about Toyota engines, ended up with 1UZ because they are very cheap and easily available in the 2nd hand market in Thailand. My ECU packed up the other day...