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    (Perth) front sump for rear sump - 1uz-fe

    If you still have it I would be interested. mine is a vvti, not sure if that matters ?
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    Non immobilized 1UZ VVTi, 3UZ ECUs

    My clip a couple of posts back The link to youtube a couple of posts back is my engine. I was extremely happy with the work done on my ECU. Have to say I was nervous about sending it to Russia, and it did take a while to get there, but one there it was modified and sent back in quick time...
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    Will non-vvti exhaust manifold fit on a vvti engine

    I am putting a vvti engine into a boat, and all the suppliers of marine exhaust manifolds can only tell me that they were designed for the non-vvti engines. Do the vvti engines have the same port and stud pattern as the earlier non-vvti's ?