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    1UZ-FE into a Ford Sierra XR6 Rsa

    Hi, I have a sucsesful transplant but my modified sump is leaking oil and my gearbox is not shifting on its own. I am riding by manually shifting the gears. The performance is scary. On the outside the car looks absolutely standard no mods to be seen. I run the Spitronics ECU and TCU. The engine...
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    Electronic Speedometer

    Hi i need help installing a aftermarket speedo. The Lexus gearbox i have has a gear with 3 wires sticking from it. This is on the RH side right at the back close to the rubber doughnut. Can this be connected directly to the speedo or do you need to go through a box of some kind to translate the...
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    1UZFE 92 parts

    Crankshaft, 7 Pistons & Conrods & bearings| Ignitirs| Poiwersteering Pump|Aircon Pump| Intake Manifold | Fuel rails c/w injectors| Plugleads Dizzy|Autobox| Tappetcovers, camshafts Valves followers etc, What offers. Jan Venter RSA
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    UZFE into a Ford

    The ford im using is similar to the old Ford Cortina big 6 but a 92 model.Here in sa called aFord Sierra XR6. the engine bay is obout the same as a Capri, measuring it show a very tiht fit but possible. the Ford engine mountings fit nicely onto the engine brsckets, unfotunately narrowing the...
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    Electrical Wiring

    Hi, seems i am not the only one batling with the electrics. I will work it out but if some one can share their experience with us poor dopes it will realey help, so if anyone has a 1 uzfe engine wiring diagram it wil be appreciated. I will most certainly share my knowledge after the transplant...
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    I am new to this forum, so please be patient with me. I would also need a lot of help as i am attempting a Lexus V8 conversion into a Ford V6, starting Jan 2012. My previous project was a 1938 FIAT Topolino. Can i Attach a photo of the car as is now?