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    1uz/LPG( carb manifold)/ EDIS/ditch ECU

    I have been fighting wiring issues or other things for nearly 2 years with my 1uz swap. Have narrowed current issue down to possibly leaky caps or other ECU issues, AFM, TPS ? Maybe more idk fuel regulators? I give up Plus for what I do ( offroading) the simplicity of a Impco 425...
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    Cheap headers vs sc400

    Are these Any better than my stock sc400 headers
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    been loving my 1uz swap!

    a v8 with 37s and 8 inch ring gear is asking alot but i guess it depends how you drive.. right now i have dual 21 spline cases.. adapter to run a landrover lt230 is in the works hopefully id like to think my rig weighs 3k .. but im sure its probably more
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    Anyone got p/s specs

    already got 1 :) pump whines quite often still though
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    been loving my 1uz swap!

    1uz is super cheap.. takes like 8 wires to run , no need to get a computer reflashed. stock ls1 rev limiter is 6200 rpms 1uz is 7200 rpms.. while that might not matter to some.. with my rig and gears ect. with my front case in high , rear in low , 5th gear ,6200 rpms is 89 mph...
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    been loving my 1uz swap!

    1uz,r150f,dual ultimates, fj80 axles, front uses a rear 9.5 diff first trip after the first trip ( the big truck and bigger buggy are my girlfriends rigs) 2 days after that video
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    Anyone got p/s specs

    been working okay not sure how long it will last though
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    so glad i went with a manual! 1uz to r150f october 6th first moab trip Moab Offroad Buggy Area BFE - YouTube october 13th first sand hallow trip sand hollow , arrow head canyon - YouTube
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    Hot ignitors

    i took a desktop power supply apart , hooked each ignitor to a heat sink inside the power supply box wired up the fan to my ignition switch things seem good now
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    Hot ignitors

    Hahaha that's about how hot mine are I'm wiring a fuse and relay between my ignition switch an ignnitors hopefully that well help a little
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    Hot ignitors

    I think I will mount to heat sinks and run small cooling fan from a computer
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    Hot ignitors

    Coils don't get hot I will try heat sink do they need to stay together or could a mount them individually
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    Hot ignitors

    Finally getting my. Project done and noticed after running for a min ignitors are too hot to touch Do they need to be mounted to a heatsink?
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    wont run with mass air hooked up (arm)

    As far as I can tell I have the right one :(
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    1uzfe Coolant Flow direction

    Yeah I shortened the throttle cable(turned up idle)
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    wont run with mass air hooked up (arm)

    finally getting my swap pretty much wrapped up .. it has never ran with the mass air but i thought maybe that was because I did not have any o2 sensors So today I bought o2 sensors plugged them in and mass air and it wont start unless I give it throttle and wont idle unhook mass air and...
  17. Z Prices???

    1uzswapkit took great care of me!
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    Southern Sammy Buggy

    Spend the money to do it right and use a different case I've wasted so much money to out a Toyota 5 speed manual tranny with dual cases behind my 1uz and regret it and its not even done yet
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    How important are the o2 sensors?

    I'm wondering the same thing
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    Running in limp mode?

    I've got a maf it just doesn't run when plugged in(need to mount/plumb into the intake).. Thanks for the info on the o2