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    UK Northamptonshire engine and how wanted

    I can help you, give me a call 07879 815368. have 3 engines on the floor here in Warwick.
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    Sure did mate, have a look on my web site, there's a pic...

    Sure did mate, have a look on my web site, there's a pic of the T bucket that I started to build way back in 2000, had to get rid of that one unfortunately. Have diff, engine,trans, for the new one so far. Have an option on a 23 tudor that's in a hedge, am...
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    Block water connection near oil filter housing

    You are right in your assumption, it is part of the coolant system for the oil. The other part of the system runs up the front of the LH bank to the thermostat area. All can be removed and blanked off.
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    IS200 V8 Swap

    RH exhaust manifold on the IS.
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    IS200 V8 Swap

    Thanks for the compliment Bushwhacker, takes a lot of effort to get this look. this is the MK3 Supra i did a few years back.
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    IS200 V8 Swap

    Started this swap some 6 years ago, been making progress recently to try to get it finished and on the road. What makes this different is that I have installed a BMW diff unit to give the car a sensible final drive ratio to stop the loss of traction when the std diff is used.
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    Yes still have the trans. £250

    Yes still have the trans. £250
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    Flywheel dimensions

    Call me on 07879 815368 here in the UK may be able to help.
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    Another newbie hunting for a 1uz

    Give me a call on 07879 815368, I have adapted the trans you have to the lexus V8 engine a few years ago, have engines,flywheels etc in stock.
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    R154 and W58 for sale

    Still have the box, what parts are you after?
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    1UZFE / W58 project

    I can help you, give me a call 07879 815368
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    Uk st185 gt8

    The idea behind the install was to use as many std part as poss. Keeping all the str gear to the rear means the install of other engines is on the cards as long as it has a front sump.
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    R154 and W58 for sale

    £400.00 Taken out of a mk3 na supra
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    Uk st185 gt8

    I am in Warwickshire, come on down and see me, have a lot of things that will interest you. Been looking at theses engines for must be around 8 years now.....
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    R154 and W58 for sale

    Still Have them.....
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    Uk st185 gt8

    Thought is was about time I put some pics up, been on the go for 5 or 6 years now amid all the other projects.
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    R154 and W58 for sale

    I have a spare R154 transmission and a W58 transmission for sale, contact me for details.
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    Manual conversions - what gearboxes?

    PM me, I designed the thor adaption kit when I worked there. I now work just outside MK.