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    Year of Manufacture

    Is it possible to determine from the engine number the year of manufacture of a 1UZFE engine?
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    Filling up of torque convertor

    I removed the torque convertor from the engine and stored it but unfortunately the oil leaked out. How do I refill it and what type/grade of oil is used.
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    Sensors on 1UZFE engine

    What is the function of the following sensors: A single one on the sump. Two on the water pipe (casting) black and green. One each on each of the cylinder banks.
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    Bolt securing pulley on crankshaft

    To remove the pulley from the front of the crankshaft the bolt securing it to the crankshaft need to be removed. My question is: To remove the blt must it be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise looking towards the bolt and engine?
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    Dimensions 1UZ-FE

    I found the follwing dimensions which may be usefull. Max Boulogne
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    1UZFE in a Maserati Biturbo

    I have bought a Maserati Biturbo. Theengine is a a 2.5 litre twin turbo but is damaged. To repair it is going to cost an arm and a leg. I had a look at a number of possible engines to use, e.g American and Japaneses V6 types. The Lexus 1UZFE with a manual gearbox seems to be the best option...