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    Daughterboard fitted standard ecus ( fuel and ign mappable)

    hi guys. I'm currently in the process of having the standard 1UZ ecus ( sc400 and ls400) engineered to take a daughterboard that allows you to freely map your own fuel and ignition. Whilst still retaining all the functions of the standard ecu and being plug and play, no other hardware needed...
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    Stripping and simplifying

    Im stripping my car to lose weight and increase performance. I was just wondering what i can lose from the engine bay ? over here we dont need to worry about emmisions regs etc the car doesnt have EGR so i dont need to worry about that, im removing all ancillaries apart from the...
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    Apexi SAFC

    ive got the MK1 SAFC lying around and was wondering if anyone used one on their 1uzfe and got any gains ? cheers :)
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    1uz-z33 and nissan KA DXF

    Ive got the dxf file for the 1uz-z33 and nissan KA box adapter plate ( dual drilled adapter ) If you would like a copy its 30 gbp as a gift and it will be emailed within 24 hours :cool:
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    Z33 gearbox conversion

    Im selling off the swap1uz based kit i bought to raise some cash for a nice performance based kit :) It was based on the 1uz plate, but 3 holes were wrong so a local machine shop made up a new plate with the holes relocated. the swap1uz one was binned. Its got most of the bits you need to...
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    VVTI head swap

    okay i know this has been covered, but there has been no definate answers so far. Has any one actually attempted this ? I know the vvti needs an oil supply for the head, this is easy enough. and the vvti wont function. Other than these two are there any major hurdles ? Ive been offered...
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    Copper gaskets

    Where can i get some 0.093 copper gaskets for the 1uzfe ? i read SCE did them but they only list 41 thou on their sites. Any idea on a price etc ? cheers
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    Single turbo conversion

    Im almost finished my HX40 single turbo conversion on a 1uzfe engine ( waiting on 2 more lengths of 2 inch mild steel pipe and the T3 divided flange) Im going to fit it into an sc400 wheni get one but i dont have one yet, can someone tell me how much room there is with the battery removed ? I...
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    Injector upgrade

    evo injectors up to evo 9 fit the 1uzfe, IIRC evo 4-9 are 560cc high impedance just some extra info for flks looking for injectors
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    Clutch help

    ive mated a 350z box to my 1uzfe, ive got an mr2 flywheel to use as a base to ahve a custom steel one made. What im thinking about is clutch's Sould i have the flywheel drilled for 350z clutchs, or get something else made up ? The problem with 50z ones are the price, for a stage 1 its...
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    Brake help

    In an effort to make sure my 1uzfe turbo starion project stops in time ive invested in these now i was wondering if opening up the holes 1-2mm ( the pcd of the discs is 112mm) to make them fit onto the starion...
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    Management help

    Ok guys i need alot of help and info in this area. Ive fitted a 1uzfe and 350z box into a widebody starion, it will have a single hx40 turbo, custom inlet, 440cc 7mgte injectors, COP and all ancilaries except alternator removed. I want to fit the latest version of megasquirt, but tbh im...
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    Cheap COP's

    Il be double checking the fit today, but ive got a set of nissan almera n16 (qg18de) COP's and they fit very well :D all of the bolt holes line up to bolt them down except the front one, small spacers are needed between the head mounting point and the coil and the seal is a good fit too. i...
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    Accessory deletion

    Im deleting all the ancillaries from my engine except from the alternator ( obviously) now ive found that Thor do a kit for this. BUT tbh for what you get its a bit of a fooking ripoff £228 for a machined bracket and a pulley is taking the piss ! does anywhere else do anything like this >...
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    Grinding off rocker cover/head tab

    Ive transplanted a 1uzfe with 350z 6 speed into an 89 starion widebody. But to getthe engine where i REALLY want it i need to remove one of the tabs that is used to bolt the rocker cover to the head, as it fouls on the steering box. Would this adveresely affect the sealing, i was going to...
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    1uzfe simplification

    in preparation for putting this in my new car, i want to simplyfy the engine as much as possible, take out any unnecessary crap for emission control etc any info would be great :D
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    1uzfe-89 widebody starion.

    No pics as yet, my friend took the pics with his super-duper camera and im waiting on him sending them to me ! Here goes, I purchased an '89 2.6 widebody starion for £400, its pretty solid except for a couple of minor holes here and there and one rear arch is FUBAR'd Straight away i...
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    SRT6 IHI twin screw

    Ive got the chance to buy one of these cheap ( less than £500) my m112 conversion is complete and runs, ( ive not driven it yet as no rad, or exhaust connected etc. Now i was thinking about buying it and building a spare engine with this attached but i cant find any specs on it. Does anyone...
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    Sc400 poly bushes

    Quite a few of the bushes on my sc400 are worn, and i want to get the girl tightened up again. Has anyone here used polybushes on their SC and what ones did you use :cool: cheers
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    right now im designing the TB o supercharger inlet, but i need to know how many vacuum takeoffs there are and what size i need. the original inlet manifold is at a friends lockup and i cant get to it :mad: all thats needed now is to make the inlet and im finished :D