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    Newbie questions regarding ECU and other controllers

    ECU and Gearbox controller For ECU's go to and and for gearbox controllers go to and There is another company in Pretoria making a gearbox controller. I will get their information and post it later.
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    Year of Manufacture

    Is it possible to determine from the engine number the year of manufacture of a 1UZFE engine?
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    Filling up of torque convertor

    I removed the torque convertor from the engine and stored it but unfortunately the oil leaked out. How do I refill it and what type/grade of oil is used.
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    Sensors on 1UZFE engine

    What is the function of the following sensors: A single one on the sump. Two on the water pipe (casting) black and green. One each on each of the cylinder banks.
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    Bolt securing pulley on crankshaft

    To remove the pulley from the front of the crankshaft the bolt securing it to the crankshaft need to be removed. My question is: To remove the blt must it be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise looking towards the bolt and engine?
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    1UZFE in a Maserati Biturbo

    Since the last post nothing of importance has happened because of business activities. I had an adaptor plate cut to fit the bell housing of the Zf gearbox and the next step will be to drill holes in the adaptor plate that line up with the engine and the bell housing. In addition, before this...
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    1UZFE in a Maserati Biturbo

    I bought the engine Saturday and collected it yesterday and did a trail fit this afternoon. It fits except for some minor exhaust manifold clearance problems. It seems that the radiator and air conditioner condenser will not be a problem. I will have to calculate the size/capacity of the...
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    Dimensions 1UZ-FE

    I found the follwing dimensions which may be usefull. Max Boulogne
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    1UZFE in a Maserati Biturbo

    Flywheel Constructing 1UZFE in a Maserati Biturbo As I am not going to use the Toyota automatic gearbox but a manual gearbox I will have to fit a flywheel to be used with the pressure plate, clutch plate etc. I do not want to use a readily available unit because of the cost. Is there...
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    1UZFE in a Maserati Biturbo

    Thanks for the replies. Apparently, the handling is not too bad, accordingly to the road tests of the time, about 1984 to 1990. The differential came in two versions Salisbury and Sensitork. What I gather is that the Salisbury gave problems because of venting problems and losing oil...
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    1UZFE in a Maserati Biturbo

    I have bought a Maserati Biturbo. Theengine is a a 2.5 litre twin turbo but is damaged. To repair it is going to cost an arm and a leg. I had a look at a number of possible engines to use, e.g American and Japaneses V6 types. The Lexus 1UZFE with a manual gearbox seems to be the best option...