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    waterproof 1uz?

    Interested to see the replies to this one as I have a 1uz in a 4wd - not to the same extent as your though looking at the pic
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    Thermo fan efficiency

    Not sure how they would fit but a lot of guys doing conversions use falcon twin thermos and shroud (I think it is AU falcon or possibly EF) cheap from wreckers or on ebay.
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    Wanted: Mythical Rear Sump

    I have a spare sc400 motor which I could pull the sump and pick up etc off. The motor is out of a burnt out car so I will have to check that it is all in reasonable nick. I can only do it if you aren't in a hurry as it is right at the back of my parts/project pile (wouldn't be till after...
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    Wtb: Afm

    I am after a AFM to suit a Toyota soarer. I am in Newcastle but willing to pay for postage Cheers James
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    Digital instrument cluster

    I am building a hilux with a 1ux and a few other bits and pieces and as mine was originally a diesel I need to change the original tacho to read the 1uz signal. I am also using a gearbox with an electronic signal so I also have to change out the speedo to an electronic one instead of cable...
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    Have I got it right

    I have wired up the relays pretty much as described in my initial post, I think the only thing I changed was pins 87 and 87A on the fuel pump relay and it starts and stops all on the hilux key the way it is supposed to.
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    horrible noise identification...?

    Complete stab in teh dark but what sort of condition is the harmonic balancer in? could it be slipping?
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    Have I got it right

    Searching on here trying to find info and sort out wiring I found this comment a few times form someone who has wired up a number of cars and 1uz's i never run injectors or ignitors of a relay the ecu has 2 power systems one is efi relay other is power to inj/coils/ignitors all one wire...
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    New 1uz hilux guy from tassie.

    I am sorting out the wiring at the moment. I am going to make up my own mounts but mine will be differant to yours as mine will all be sitting on a gq patrol chassis so I get coil spings on all for corners as well as bullet proof drivelines - I am also using the 4.2L petrol gearbox. Cheers...
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    New 1uz hilux guy from tassie.

    G'day I am int he process of putting a 1uz (toyota soarer motor) into a 1990 ln106 sr5 body. There is plenty of info out there especially into hilux's. I am still trying to get my head around the wiring side of things at the moment. Cheers James
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    Have I got it right

    any suggestions on how I should be wiring these relays?
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    Have I got it right

    Haynes and Gregory's are both workshop manuals and are about $50-60au. I have bought one for just about every car I have owned. Great for just knowing the order of dismantling and reassemble parts as well as torque specs etc. I am not sure how detailed the wiring diagrams are though for 1UZ's.
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    Have I got it right

    HAHA, my wife is due to drop in the next few weeks so I don't have to worry about the whole short skirts and no nickers issue if I ever get the engine going. I was thinking of getting a Gregories/haynes manual for a soarer which should have some more info on wiring diagrams but will check them...
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    Have I got it right

    My ecu number is 89661-24220 and I think it is out of a 92 or 94 soarer. I searched and it looks like the ecu is from 91-94 soarers. I have been using the 1992 Lexus sc400 diagram and most I the wire colours and locations seem to be the same. Is there a better diagram I should be using? I...
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    Job? What do you do?

    I work for a consultancy company as an Emissions/environmental scientist.
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    Have I got it right

    I am in the process of putting a 1uz into a ln106 hilux which will all sit onto of a nissan gq patrol chassis and suspension. All of the metal work and paint etc I have covered but the only auto electrics I have done before is wiring up some speakers. The engine is out of a toyota soarer with...
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    Got fuel, spark, compression but won't start anymore?

    if you are convinced that all those 3 are right (fuel, spark, compression) then it either has to be air or timing
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    1uz turbo/super charger on a budget

    if you went down this route don't forget that you still need to add the cost of fabricating exhaust manifolds
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    1uz turbo/super charger on a budget

    I think it really comes down to what you can and can't make yourself if you want to do it on the cheap as you would have to make or get made turbo manifolds. I didn't really look into turbos as I am putting a 1uz into a hilux and there isn't really room for turbos in the engine bay. Cheers...
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    1uz turbo/super charger on a budget

    I have looked into it and it seems as though the cheapest option is to supercharge with the m90 or i think m122 superchargers. The m90 seems to be fairly common one ebay etc. I worked out I could supercharge a 1uz for between $1500-2500 if I did most of the fabrication like inlet manifold...