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    Trade 93 1UZ for VVTi 2UZ

    Willing to trade all this 93 1UZ parts I got block and crank, heads with cams in good shape, intake, harness. for any 05-06 2UZ VVTi parts heads, cams, crank . Located in SoCal
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    93 SC400 motor

    I can seperate parts,I don't know if anyone here has a need for what I got but here is the list. Entire 93 motor out of SC 400, except the rods, intake and wiring harness. I can post pics if interest? Located in Riverside SoCal.
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    stock 2006 2UZ exhaust manifolds

    Off my tundra if anyone wants something like this? Socal or ship on your dime.
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    1UZ rods needed

    Looking for a good set of 8, 1UZ rods I am located in SoCal so if you know of any junk yards or someone please lemme know thanks...Keith
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    New to Lextreme

    Hi new to the site but not yotas, I am from got a 2006 Tundra V8. Approaching 100k not jumping the gun just wanna get my bullets in order. I would like to throw some mild cams and massage the heads in the not to distant future and wondering what and where you get quality...