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  1. -Nemesis-

    Starter motor interchangeable with?

    Just wondering if the early 1UZ starters are the same (exactly) as another more common Toyota engine model? Tried searching with no luck
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    1uz afm
  3. -Nemesis-

    ASAP Crank angle sensor 1uz

    As per the title, after a known working 1UZ crank sensor asap. I sold my 4runner to a mate and it has bit the bullet after a few water crossings and coolant drinking. Not 100% sure it's the sensor (likely, the timing is coincidental with repeat water crossings (4WD)) so before we go overboard...
  4. -Nemesis-

    Generic turbo questions

    Sorry guys, this isn't for my 1UZ but who else can I trust?! My new Toyota is a turbo 1FZ-FE 4.5L I6, these are only NA normally obviously. The tune the 4WD has is very conservative and I plan to change that. I've been going over intake restrictions at the moment and have sorted from the Atmo...
  5. -Nemesis-

    Sick 1UZ longevity?

    The 1UZ in my 4Runner started compressing the crank case pretty heavily after 2 years of supercharging on a DIY tune. I don't think there's major damage, probably just flooged rings. After 5 min of running it will start pumping oily vapours out the PCV's and dip stick tube if stick is...
  6. -Nemesis-

    Getting to the rings & rebuilding

    Okay so i've never dismantled an engine other than doing the shims on the 1uz. I'm 99% sure my 1UZ has at least got some worn ring/s as it has started compressing the crankcase, a lot. Tyring to work out if it's worth trying to repair, or replace. Engines have gone up here, best I can find is...
  7. -Nemesis-

    I'm out

    Yep, the time has come. My 1UZ has finally decided to give up the ghost. I had been thinking about moving up to something bigger and more comfortable (not to mention safe) than the old 4runner for a while, with our growing family. This is just a sign I think to take the step. I will sorely...
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    I'm after a cheap running (well) 1UZ, prefferably front sump but will take anything. I'm in NSW, Sydney way [email protected]
  9. -Nemesis-

    Tell me I'm wrong!

    My 1UZ has recently started pumping oily smoke out the crankcase breather (one side has just a filter), even at idle. It still pulls decent vacuum at idle and goes hard, but i'm looking at a dead piston ring/s hey? After all the stuff my 1uz has been through I was expecting head gaskets...
  10. -Nemesis-

    Cobra M112

    I'm having trouble finding one for sale on US eBay that someone will ship downunder. Can't hurt to ask here, someone may have one they bought for a stale project?
  11. -Nemesis-

    Brand new unused Eaton M90 supercharger (Aus)

    I bought this to go with the Bullet semi kit, but have decided to take another path. It is the 'buick' style M90, 100% brand new never been fitted to a vehicle. CAPA in Aus sell the m90 brand new for $2700! Asking $1200 shipped in Aus. Add $1990 for the Bullet semi kit and you have a blown 1UZ...
  12. -Nemesis-

    Gen2 4Runner/Surf custom manual set up, trade for auto

    Long shot I know. With all the towing of late, I'm thinking of ditching the gold plated manual set up and swap for an auto in my 4runner. The problem is, I'm over modifications, so I really only would like to talk to someone with a perfect working auto (4wd) set up, who's interested in a...
  13. -Nemesis-

    AUS: Intercooled procharger system - swap for positive displacement kit?

    I love the incredibly sparkling top end performance of the intercooled Procharger, but I'm beginning to realise it's not ideal for my requirements in a heavy 4WD that tows a caravan. Well, it's great in all aspects actually, just could use more low end boost at the cost of HP... I'm have a...
  14. -Nemesis-

    Air flow meter, Procharger pulley

    These are no longer needed: 1UZ air flow meter, worked fine. Will get pics and numbers soon $200 + postage Pulley to suit P1SC Procharger, 3.4" diameter. AU$160rrp, asking $100 + postage [email protected]
  15. -Nemesis-

    Oil pressure sender for Toyota dash

    Just wondering whether a 1UZ oil pressure sender will work properly with a Toyota 4Runner stock oil pressure gauge? My aftermarket unit died and I was thinking of just hooking back up the stock gauge as I don't really need to know the psi of the oil, just that there is some. The 4Runner came...
  16. -Nemesis-

    Tracking and tuning out drone

    I've always loved the sound of my exhaust, a twin into single 3" with one large high flow muffler and a smaller muffler near the back. It's loud, but very crisp. Has a very clean note with no harshness or crackly overrun etc. The only problem is around 1800-2200 rpm it goes into drone mode...
  17. -Nemesis-

    Will these fit the 1UZ

    Sick to death of my leaking header flanges, and found this gasket brand/technology that looks promising. Anyways they only list a version for the 2UZ. Will these fit the 1UZ properly...
  18. -Nemesis-

    Build your own racecar from eBay!

    Found something very cool and interesting, looks like Britek Motorsport in Aus has gone belly up, so everything is on eBay! One of the coolest eBay shops I've flicked through Parts like Alcon 6 piston V8...
  19. -Nemesis-

    Bypass V Blow Off valve operation

    Are these the exact same thing? What's the difference if any? I have one of those Bosch type bypass valves (adjustable) which is vented to the atmo at the moment. Fitted to a centrifugal blower system. I love the blow off sound at high revs, but I hate how the thing opens constantly on a...
  20. -Nemesis-

    Custom/cut down MAF housing

    This is just an interem thought for me untill I go standalone eventually. My current boost set up means I need to run the MAF, but it doesn't seem to like boost. The problem for me running pull through is there's no room for the big housing. I was just thinking though, if I eliminate most of...