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  1. George_R

    Lexus IS250 to 3UZ-FE (completed)

    Two recent projects of mine, 3UZ-FE 6a/t to IS250 Both of them feature fully functional instrument panel, a/c , push start and most importantly TRC & VSC systems. Other key things to mention are stock looks both inside and outside, clean wiring etc Old demo clip of the 1st car's VSC...
  2. George_R

    1UZ VVTi / 3UZ / 2JZ stock ECU conversion for M/T

    This offer is a device that eliminates limp home mode, which is otherwise active if ECU does not 'see' stock auto transmission. Earlier ECU models (1UZ non-vvt, 1jz, 2jz before 1998) didn't have "underpowered" fuel/spark/vvti (for the JZ) maps for N/P transmission range, so these ECUs are...
  3. George_R

    Careful when buying your engine: dents on ECU

    So a customer sent me this ECU for security off, and I noted the dent on ECU case No wonder this unit would not start the engine even after security removal. Turned out that it could not detect crank angle sensor signal. So I took a thorough look inside This SMD resistor easily broken...
  4. George_R

    Toyota/Lexus ECU reprogramming

    I'm starting to offer new service, in addition to immo off (see Currently supported are Lexus LS430 / Toyota Celsior UCF30 , 6a/t only Lexus GS430 / Toyota Crown Majesta UZS186, 6a/t only Lexus IS250 / Toyota Mark X Toyota Tundra 5.7...
  5. George_R

    Coolant plug leak, need help

    Recently my 1uz developed noticeable coolant leak down there (plug p/n 11492-50010, replacement p/n 11492-20010) Removed the plug, it had signs of black sealant Grinded the remains of the sealant off with sandpaper, applied new sealant, reassembled After a while I noticed the bloody leak...
  6. George_R

    Tom's ECU for UCF21 (1uz-fe vvti)

    So I eventually got one. $350 delivered. Don't ask me how. I just happen to live in a country which gives you unlimited possibilities [to get things really screwed up, in most cases], but today it seems like a win. ok, I got home with the box opened it sticker on the ecu shows part number...
  7. George_R

    Speedo, tacho adapters/converters

    For engine conversion projects. Universal application. Will correct either speedo or tacho gauge. Size 40x30x15mm Best suited for vvti engine + a/t conversions , where additional speed sensor is not available. My converter can take speed signal from ECU and convert it for any instrument cluster...
  8. George_R

    A650 shift kit, is it worth it?

    Occasionally came across this thing (TransGo shift kit for A650) Has anyone over here tried it? Or any other 5spd kit? The reason I'd like to try this kit is some small issues...
  9. George_R

    1uz vvti into a Volga

    PROJECT V8LGA (Volga+V8) I thought I could add my own car here after quite a number of posts and threads started here. It has a long story involving a number of engine conversions, new suspension, all 4 disc brakes (instead of 4 drums), new rear axle with Detroit TrueTrac diff, and a number of...
  10. George_R

    Anyone know how to replicate this sort of sound?

    Always wanted to ask that question, but didn't know how. Finally, I found a clip that sort of represents my thought of perfect 1UZ sound Does anyone know how this type of sound can be achieved? All I know about the clip is that it's full custom exhaust, non-vvti 1UZ-FE, no resonator type...
  11. George_R

    WTB: 3UZ / 1UZ vvti / 2UZ vvti charger kit

    Wanted: a kit of the supercharger itself and complete manifold. Any other goodies like pulleys, injectors, engine management are welcome too. Most desired is a Greddy unit, located somewhere in the US. I will cover the shipping. You will only need to send the kit to some location in the "lower...
  12. George_R

    Low RPM problems & aftermarket intakes

    Just wanted to share some experience 1uz-fe vvti conversion, could not run factory airbox due to space restrictions. vvti factory airbox has a slot for MAF sensor. vvti's mass airflow sensor differs from that of earlier models, as can be seen below. That's the best intake I could fit into my...
  13. George_R

    1UZ vvti overheats at speed. Things to check?

    Running 1UZ vvti off '98 celsior, ~60k' s on it. Timing stuff replaced (belt and everything), water pump also replaced with toyota original unit just incase. Old WP was fine though. Radiator is brand new aluminum aftermarket unit, the biggest one I could fit. Sized about 600x450x60mm. Using...
  14. George_R

    Any sense behind using cutouts?

    Running double 2" into single 2.5" exhaust which is way too silent to my taste, with a good note however. I'd like to be able to make it sound louder from time to time, while maybe gaining a bit of extra power. Currently looking for options to install electric operated cutouts, but uncertain of...
  15. George_R

    Non immobilized 1UZ VVTi, 3UZ ECUs

    Want to sell: factory JDM 1UZ-FE VVTI ECU's with my immo bypass unit set up and in-built. Below is how it looks like For 3UZ-FE ECUs,see details below. Also supported are 1GR-FE, 3GR-FE, 3UR-FE, 3UR-FBE, any JZ series Also take a look at my offer on ECU reprogramming service...
  16. George_R

    Anyone from Europe?

    Though chances are little apparently, would be nice to hear from other European members. At least it's a pity no one ever posted here yet )
  17. George_R

    Air resonator box: retain/delete?

    The item under discussion is the resonator/air duct part that connects air box outlet to throttle body, and has a hollow chamber. Example p/n is 17875-50150 Does anyone have an experience of deleting it? Does it help provide any mid-rpm torque, or is it purely for reducing intake noise?
  18. George_R

    Exhaust pipe sizing, sound vs. low end power?

    Recently I occassionally obtained the sound I was always willing for. I'd like to ask if I can reproduce the sound with more 'normal' configuration, and with less degrading of engine performance. Long things short, I had to run fully stock 1uz-fe vvti for extended period in workshop, so I...
  19. George_R

    yet another VVTI 1uz running on floor

    Just in case some you guys are interested in the topic but live closer to Europe rather than NZ. So, I make bypass devices as well, they come in 2 sorts, for integration into ECU or as external box. I need each individual ECU to configure...
  20. George_R

    Need some advice, oldschool sound needed

    Hi All! Have been posting in wiring/electrical section for a while and just thought I could find a great deal of qualified help here. I sometimes swap 1UZs, the reason I'm here, but the question is about my own car. It only has 1JZ 2.5l n/a straight-six swapped in, which has adequate balance of...