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  1. cjsupra90

    Ignition Timing question

    For all of you guys out there that are running standalone or some form of ignition control that you can specify the total timing at a specific area, what are you'll running at 100kpa? Or basically what is your ignition curve at 100kpa? Mine looks like this RPM / total timing @ 100kpa 500 /...
  2. cjsupra90

    Strange Running Issue

    Ok guys here's the interesting strange running situation. Using very slow gradual throttle opening, the engine rev's all the way to the rev limiter with no problem. Anything faster or more rapid throttle opening and it starts to rev to about 3500rpm, then falls back to about 3000rpm at which...
  3. cjsupra90

    Another 1UZ powered A70 Supra

    Well guys, I figured I would take the time to fill you'll in on the swap for those who might be interested. Although not officially on the road yet, the engine was fired up in the car for the first time last night. Here's the set up. 1990 MA70 Supra 1993 LS400 engine with SC400 oil pan W58...
  4. cjsupra90

    Air Con Compress... Difference

    Hey Gang, could anyone tell me what the difference is between the SC and the LS A/C compressors? I know that there are differences, but what is it that makes them different? Im not worried about High and Low side line connections or any special features, or anything like that as this is for a...
  5. cjsupra90

    So wrong but funny!

    Thought some of you might get a kick out of this..... Its so wrong but so funny at the same time.
  6. cjsupra90

    1UZ Stainless Headers

    Hey guy's Im posting here a bit of info about the Stainless headers (extractors) that I am building for my MKIII Supra swap. There is a thread about it in the Supra swap section, but John (JBrady) asked me to do a thread in the exhaust section too so here it is..... They are (will be) fully...
  7. cjsupra90

    Header collector question?

    Maybe someone could shed some light here. I was thinking about my the collectors that I will be building for my headers for my supra swap and am curious about something. I know that with open headers, it has been found that megaphone style collectors and more megaphones with reverse cones make...
  8. cjsupra90

    Started MKIII swap headers

    Hey guy's just thought I would throw this up here for anyone who is interested. I started building my headers (or extractors as some may call them) for my UZ swap today. The pictures below are for the drivers side. They will be 4-2-1 (tri-y) style. At the moment, only the primary's are tacked...
  9. cjsupra90

    Oppinions wanted!

    Hey gang, as some may know, I am swapping a 1UZ into my supra (have been for probably 2 to 3 yrs now and cant seem to actually get started on the physical swap Damn details). Anyways, Im getting to the point that in the next month or two, the physical swap will take place and Im stuck as to...
  10. cjsupra90

    Intake Manifold Idea, I want your oppinion please

    Hey guys, I am getting ready to start building the intake manifold for my motor. Not sure whether I want to just build a new larger volume plenum with front mounts TB(s), or do a complete new manifold, runners and all.... Now the idea that I have been pondering about if going the route of...
  11. cjsupra90

    1UZ and 2uz bellhousing Differances (anyone know)

    Ok, I know that I am not crazy here, but I could have swor that I came across a website a while go and someone was compairing the 1uz and 2uz bellhousings and Torque converters and found that they were different. Does anyone know if this is true and what the differances are or where I could find...
  12. cjsupra90

    Long shot, but B/W / Tremec T5 question?????

    Hey guy's, I am wondering if anyone happens to have or know where I can get a drawing or bolt pattern layout for the bellhousing to tranny main case mating location (Ford main case, not early GM main case)? I know that the T5 tranny's are not the stronges things out there, but I accidently...
  13. cjsupra90

    Header comparison ???????

    Does anyone happen to have any side by side pics comparing the S&S headers and the stock SC400 exhaust manifolds?
  14. cjsupra90

    New MKIII swap mount design

    Hey guys, for anyone that has followed other threads or knows about and are curious about the new design UZ-MKIII Supra swap mount design, Here are some pics of the upper half of the mount. This section attaches to the block. The round sleeves will have Poly bushings pressed into them. There is...
  15. cjsupra90

    A few words about a new member onboard, MDCMOTORSPORTS

    Just wanted to say a few words to all you guys about a new member that I noticed is on here now. He goes by the name of mdcmotorsports. Jon is a great guy and very knowledgable, especially when it comes to turbos. He is well known amongest the MKIII Supra Community. A great welder and...
  16. cjsupra90

    SS 2 into 1 collectors

    Hey gang, does anyone know of a place here in the states that I can get some reasonably priced Stainless steel 2 into 1 collectors? I know that I can get them from Burns Stainless, but I'd rater just maked them myself then pay their prices. I dont really need merge style, just some Swaged...
  17. cjsupra90

    Toyota thinks I am crazy

    So I called Toyota North America Corp. office a few minutes ago and they think that I am nuts. I asked if there was anyway to order a new X-Runner without a motor of trans. There was a short pause on the phone, then the guy asked my "Why would you want to do that?" and I proceded to tell him...
  18. cjsupra90

    Crank trigger question

    Does anyone know if the post 98 (1,2,or 3) UZ engine's have the same crank trigger wheel as the pre 98 1UZ engines? If they are different, can someone take a picture of the later wheel so I can see what or how they are different.
  19. cjsupra90

    Odd head and cam question

    Ok, I know this sound odd, but does anyone know if the no VVTi cams would fit and work in a VVTi head? My reason for asking is that I just talked to a guy here local to me and he is selling me a pair off VVTi heads from a 3uz for $100 for the pair, but the cams are missing from both heads. So...
  20. cjsupra90

    3sgte flywheel question

    Hey guys, got a question for those using the 3sgte flywheel with a manual trans conversion. In my search, nothing was clear as to what I am wondering. So here it is. Which way are you'll going about the bolt pattern modifcation, are you slotting the existing holes or are you redrilling the...