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  1. yodathespian87

    94 SC400 - Colorado- $1000obo

    Selling my SC400, 1uz works great, needs TPS, it's in loop right now. New timing belt, water pump, idler pulley. 135-140K miles. Salvage title. Coils were heated so the car sits lower. Has bondo spots, small crack at the top of the windshield. Previous owner was in accident in the front. Great...
  2. yodathespian87

    SC400 suspension issues

    Ok, so I have been slowly working on this sc400 I picked up. One of the issues is god aweful wear pattern on the front tires. Apparently the previous owner thought the car looked cooler lowered so they heated up the front springs and now the tires riipped up all the under fender stuff and are...
  3. yodathespian87

    Intro Yodathespian87

    Hey guys figured I would say hello. Here is my 94 SC400 when I first bought it for $500. It needed a timing belt a idler pulley and a water pump. I bought it for the engine. As of now I am currently driving it as my DD, until I finish my 3.4 swap in my 93 4Runner.
  4. yodathespian87

    1uz Manual Swap Questions

    Okay so I 'm gathering parts for my 1uz swap into my 90 4Runner. I'm thinking of swapping to a manual transmission. Wondering which will bed able to handle at least 400 hp. And if there is anything I would have to do special to make it mate up to a double transfer case. I am also wondering if...
  5. yodathespian87

    94 SC400 Misc. Repair

    So I have a few questions for you guys and didn't want to have bunches of different threads open. So I recently bought the 94 SC400 for $500 for a swap that I hope to do in the future. I bought it up in Denver and on the drive back home to Colorado Springs (about 60 miles) I noticed it...