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    No, the viper has the longest and largest input shaft used in the T-56 tranny line-up. I dont recall off hand how much longer and how much larger in diameter it is over the GM and Ford units, but it is. Unfortunitly I am currently stuck up in Ohio (broken input shaft as a matter of fact) and...
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    Michigan 1UZ - MkIII Supra swap

    Mike, portable or not, they should have been easily able to print torque values. Either way, glad to see that your looking for a place buy you that knows what they are doing when it comes to dyno's.... Nick, glad to see your still around. The swap is well worth it, you should do it....
  3. cjsupra90

    Michigan 1UZ - MkIII Supra swap

    Looking pretty good Mike. However, I would be searching for different dyno facility if i were you as they are not very familiar with there software and dyno from the sounds of it.... Dyno's only read torque and then calculate horsepower from it and rpm or speed. It only takes one click of the...
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    1uz swap in 84 toyota pickup

    yeah, I can see the relationship to wheel hop on asphalt and it makes sense... I guess the traction is greater then I suspected in the desert.
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    1uz swap in 84 toyota pickup

    John, Yeah I agree with you with wheel hop part as it does put a lot of sudden shock load hits on the diff with on / off traction situation that acurres with wheel hop. Like you said though, its the diff that takes the brunt of the abuse, and the more lash that you have in the ring and pinnion...
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    1uz swap in 84 toyota pickup

    Hmmmmm, Well I dont know a whole lot about desert racing and the type of stresses induced on drivetrain, but I would have thought that it would put less stress on drivetrain due to less traction. Normally, the more traction you have, the more likely your gonna break something in the...
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    how to stop this from happening??

    I personally prefer the "old head" method or bolting it to a thick plate of Aluminum. The Aluminum / old head (if aluminum) helps to draw the heat out of the flange a bit faster..
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    Check out my flywheel.

    John IMO, with the torque that these engines produce even at low RPM's, I dont think that flywheel weight would have much issue of the engine stalling except possibly on a N/A engine with real radical cams maybe. The flywheel that I am running is only about 7.5 lbs and I dont notice a single bit...
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    Check out my flywheel.

    John, I'll jump in here being that Jake hasn't replied yet. The friction plate was sorced from fidanza (but making them is a possible future option as it would be possibly cheaper) (if made, they would be made from mild (1018 or 1020) steel... The ring gear is an OEM Toyota part that is heat...
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    Check out my flywheel.

    Jake, no that friction plate will only work for the 2JZ N/A (SC300, MKIV N/A, IS300, GS300 ect.) The 2JZ-GTE is a 250mm disc (9 7/8" roughly).. If we got ahold of a GTE friction plate and pressure plate, I could pretty easily mod the drawings to be able to use the GTE pressure plate and disc.
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    It shouldn't... Have you pulled codes?? If not, do so and let us know what codes you get...
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    Michigan 1UZ - MkIII Supra swap

    Mike, where are you at in MI? I wish I would have thought about it before hand cause Im in Ohio right now but am probably heading back to florida tonight or tomorrow. Im not to far from MI and we could have gotton together. Oh well.......
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    installing cams

    You'll probably be fine with the stock springs as long as they dont coil bind with the cams and your not raising the redline. The ramp profile of the cam can cause minor float problems but still usually this is only a problem with raised redline. I have only seen two cases (neither or which were...
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    moving the power steering pump..

    Not many options as to where you could move it. Are you keeping the AC?? If not, you could move it there. Another option is to move the Alt. to a different location and move the PS pump to where the ALT currently is. An other option is to use the 2nd Gen MR2 electric motor driven PS pump...
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    Testing Leads

    Never used Magnacor leads on a UZ, but have used them on many other engines and love them. Probably the best wires I have ever bought for any engine.
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    Thick wall tubing for header construction

    Columbia River Mandrel bending is a good company to deal with. They are who I bought all of my stainless header materal from when I did my headers for my UZ - A70 swap.
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    OEM Wiring Work

    Thats awesome, this is a really great help for wiring like you mentioned and allowing to build new harnesses..... Do you have access to the ECU connector terminals?????
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    Test ECU?

    Yeah, it could have been stuck as you suspected. Usually they get stuck closed, not open though thus the engine would not shut off. I've had this happen before on my car, turned the key off and it kept running like I still had the key on. Walked out and tapped the relay with my key pretty hard...
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    Test ECU?

    Ok, if your not getting power at the other 3 then the area to start looking is the IGSW. Without the IGSW +12V supply, the ECU will not power up the EFI relay thus no power will be supplied to +B and +B1. If wired correctly, the power should come from the ign. sw., then run through the IGN...
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    Michigan 1UZ - MkIII Supra swap

    Mike, definitly have the read Sway bar taps beefed up or new heavier duty ones welded on. I broke one of mine the first week of having the bars on the car. Also, watch the front swaybar to frame mounts. I haven't heard of this happening to anyone else and neither has suspension technics, but I...