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    1UZFE into 2wd hilux

    Hey guys looking at putting 1uzfe v8 into 2wd hilux just wondering which model front cut to go with if im using standard computer and auto. I know crown model is easy to wire up with a manual but im using auto. Sump issues can be dealt with and modded if need be but not sure on wiring side of...
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    1uzfe into 2wd hilux

    hey i know the info is prob somewhere else but just after which model would suit sump wise or is it easier to modify sump. Thanks
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    Exhaust System for LPG

    Hey guys just wondering what sort of exhaust setup would be better suited to an lpg run engine. Don't want anything over the top just a small power increase and a nice note. Engine will be in a 4runner if that helps. Any info appreciated...