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  1. Tuf Lux

    Billet Screw Blower

    I thought I would share a little bit of automotive porn with you all. Below are a few pictures of the latest screw supercharger being released from PSI superchargers, which is machined completely from billet aluminium. Very nice work of art! On a completely and totally non-related topic, feel...
  2. Tuf Lux

    1uz + ITB + Supercharged = Holden Ute??

    Not sure if anyone else on here has seen this one around, but found a couple pics of this unusual old school Holden combo from a Victorian (Australia) Car Show.
  3. Tuf Lux

    1UZ Specs Required

    I am in the process of converting my car to an automatic gearbox as I'm planning on doing a bit more drag racing with it. So I am getting a torque convertor built to suit. Problem being that in order to get one built I need every bit of information I can get about the car, engine, driveline...
  4. Tuf Lux

    Harrop HTV1900 Supercharger (Eaton TVS) 1999 Hilux Project

    Well guys... finally got my joyus experience last week, heading down to Bullet Supercars at Yatala, Qld, Australia to pick up my new supercharger kit for my Hilux ute :dance: My kit consists of the following items: * Harrop HTV1900 (Eaton TVS) Supercharger * Bullet supercharger manifold *...
  5. Tuf Lux

    1999 1UZ Toyota Hilux

    Hey peoples. Well ive been a long time viewer on the site now so i thought it was about time that i posted some pics up of my lil project which was completed a few months ago. Well as you can probably already tell its a 1999 2WD Toyota Hilux with some extensive mods which I have transplanted a...