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    Soarer died:( this my new ride

    Well, my soarer ended up in someones back yard wedged between a tree and a hard place, it wasnt me driving either lent it to my mate to go back to his place quickly and it was the last i ever saw of it. i have stayed toyota but gone to a second gen 1jz . heres a pic, What ya think??
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    Hey all, My sc400 was completely written off saturday night, lent it to a mate when i was pissed as at a 21st and he managed to go up a curb off a 2 metre drop into a driveway and then clipped a wood post tore off the rear right guard then slammed a tree down the side of a house. It was...
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    1JZ help

    Hey, Im just posting this for a mate, cause we cant find the info anywhere, about his 1jz. Its a 1jzgte vvti from a 1996 mark II tourer V, and does anyone know what boost these run standard __psi? any help would be appreciated Thanks V8ToY.
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    Power Steering

    Sup, Question for everyone, My power steering is making a whinding noise now, Are these motors known for the pumps going? Could it be because i have just put a new set of rims on and the front is 265 could the width of the tire affect the p/s and break the pump???. Cheers:feedback:
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    Sup all, This is my sc finally got some pics of it. will have some better ones soon.
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    Hi all, Im after front and rear strut braces for a 91 soarer, also the factory front lip. Cheers
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    Hey guys, Anyone here in the auckland region and know how to or have a good cheap place to get guards rolled?? Cheer Adam
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    My new rims

    Just got these for 91 sc. geten them today will post pics of what they look like on. 11 inches wide on the rear!
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    Trans or Diff

    Hey All, I am having a problem with my 1991 soarer, when i take off from lights or just accelerating from a complete stop i am getten a vibration coming from somewhere, i can feel it though the steering wheel. its only on the innitial take off then it stops. feels like its struggling to take...
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    Hey, My 1991 soarer is acting up a little, the air bag light stays on and when i turn right the radio turns of then back on??? i am confused by this any help would be appreciated thanks
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    Hey all, Just a question. Yesterday after jacking my car up, it started making a noise when i turn corners ( mainly when turning right) . sounds like it is coming from the front right, its like a knocking noise. it doesnt happen all that often and its only a small knock each time that it does...
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    faulty fuel readings

    Hi all, Amnyone know a quick fix for a faulty fuel reading, i put in 20 bucks gas (about 13 L) and it says i have 3 quarters of a tank, like 68 L. Anyone have any ideas on whats causing this and even better a way to fix it?? thanks in advance
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    Hey all, a quick question. On my sc400 in between the gas cap opener and the boot there is that key lock bit. i have pressed it and i cant see what it actually does. anyone know??:feedback: Thanks
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    How do you make photos smaller?

    How do you make photos small enough to be able to be posted on this site, how do you edit them!!!!!:feedback:
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    goodbye license

    last nite i was driving down the road to my house and decided to give it some ****, not knowing that there was a pig waiting in the bushes went past him at 109 in a 50 zone. as you well know thats not good. took my license on the spot and know im waiting for my court date to loose it for what i...
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    91 chaser V8

    i just brought a chaser with the idea of having it 1uz powerd anyone alse done this or heard of this. Any info for this project would be appreciated.
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    Cup Holder?

    on the sc400 next to the radio is that gap there supposed to have a cup holder in it?? i have wondered for a while now what the reason for that is. my cell phone fits nice in there. :feedback:
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    slippery diff

    What lsd could i put in my soarer that would bolt right up, myn is screwd sick of one wheel style, need both wheels??:feedback:
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    removing steering wheel

    hey all i want to change my old steering wheel with my new momo one, but im not sure how to with having a air bag in it. does anyone know some step by steps to remove it without being knocked out by the airbag. thanx
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    Hi all i have a problem, When my car is cold it starts one pop and idles nice, but when its warmer when i start it, the idle just drops till it dies, but if i give it some revs when i start it its fine. just b4 it dies a error comes up on dash it is the "engine electrical" error. I thought it...