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    Anyone running 4 coil waste spark on a 1uzfe yet?

    Hi All, I'm about to install an MSD DIS4 with 4 x dual output coils onto a 1UZFE soon, but need to know which cylinders to pair up. Has anyone done this before, or am I about to do some trail-blazing? Cheers, Ian Swinkels
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    1UZFE wiring diagrams... where did they go?

    Hi Lex, I can't seem to locate the PDF files of the 1uzfe diagrams for the SC400 on the website anymore. The link refers to I recall there being a whole bunch of downloadable PDF files that are very useful. Can you please email me the PDF file for the...
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    Subaru Air to Water Intercoolers, Anyone cut one up?

    I was going to mod a scoobydoo intercooler at once stage, but they are a wierd shape and I couldn't get it to fit inside the engine bay properly. I went for a pwr instead. I reckon the best option for a boat (if thats what its going into), would be to score a couple of Nissan S14 or S15...
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    Anthony's TT Burnouts and Brenton's Centura

    Hi everyone, Here are the vids... Enjoy... Pictures of Fatty's Car
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    The latest news on Anthony's Twin Turbo 1uzfe

    Hi Everyone, Anthony's car is finally street tuned. All the problems sorted out.... at last PHEWWW... The results are somewhat scary... speaking from personal experience when Anthony took me for a lap around the block. Running 6lb boost the car produced 450+ RWHP with wheelspin (on a Gtech...
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    Vids of Anthony's twin turbo 1uzfe

    Here are two vids of the car running at last. We had major problems with trigger sensors. But it seems that most of these faults are caused by the battery volts being low. The lower battery volts went, the worse the trigger sensoring became. Anyway, the vids are in DIVX5 format with mp3 audio...
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    Send in your WOLF 3d v4 maps please!!

    Hi All, We've begun to tune Anthony's twin turbo V8 but are having all kinds of problems establishing base fuel map figures with the wolf. It ran rich for a while, that was until we ran out of fuel.... thus ending tonights test and tune session. I'd like to start again tomorrow with a map that...
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    Fatty's Car.

    I've been reading the forced induction forum for a few days now. Interesting that the Wolf engine management is being used on quite a few cars out there. It's become quite the popular engine management. I noticed that Fatty hadn't posted pics of his car yet, so I figured i'd help out by...