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    Where to get fuel injectors rebuilt?

    My sc400 wont start after it gets hot. I am fighting lyme disease and the severe fatigue that comes with it. I think the problem is leaking fuel injectors that flood the engine while it sits for 30-45 min. I know some people suspect the fuel pump ecu. I am leaning towards fuel injectors, they...
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    Cam pulley bolts left handed thread?

    I can't seem to get them to break loose. Are they left handed thread (like the drive belt tensioner pulley) and need to be turned clockwise to break loose?
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    Effects of modern technology on performance.

    Just recently bought an 01 Civic Coupe EX. I like the car and it is highstrung (still have my sc400 thank goodness). For fun i wanted to compare the performance to my father's 95 corolla given the changes in technology and the similar weights and displacements. After driving the two, I really...
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    Amsoil ATF?

    My family has been running amsoil in all of our vehicles for nearly 20 years. Its been good to us, it stays clean, our cars last, etc. Maybe three years ago i read on club lexus about someone using their ATF in their gs400 and how it stayed cleaner longer than Toyota fluid, ran cooler, and the...
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    New Mustang Coyote 5.0 engine

    5.0-LITER IS BACK! 12/28/2009 2011 MUSTANG GT LEADS CLASS WITH 412 HP, FUEL EFFICIENCY, CHASSIS DYNAMICS Dearborn, Mich. — The 2011 Ford Mustang GT arrives with an all-new advanced 5.0-liter V-8 engine, developed by a passionate cadre of...
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    Someone got a deal!

    A 2003 M5 (S62) complete drive train swap with 36k went on ebay for $2750! Imagine what it would cost to make a 400hp n/a 1uz mated to a 6 speed tranny with itb's, forged rods, 5 liters, a semi dry sump oiling system and not needed; but to mention variable intake and exhaust timing! Beautiful...
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    Equivalent sites for other import v-8's

    Just curious if there is aftermarket support, mods, information, discussion going on with other similiar architecture v-8's such as audi 4.2, bmw m62/s62, nissan vh45, northstar etc. I happened to see an awesome sounding and quick lotus esprit on youtube with an audi 4.2. Do the above mentioned...
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    Someone have a garage/driveway with air impact wrench?

    My lower control arm is squealing like bloody murder and i need to replace it asap. I don't have many tools here in cali. Is there someone in the l.a. metro that would be willing to let me use your facility (i.e. garage or driveway) with an air impact wrench to swap my lca. I've already done...
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    Horrible squealing when steering/braking

    My sc400 has developed a progressively loud squeal when i turn the wheel (it seems to be coming from the driver's side). I took it to one shop who thought it might be the outer tie rod. Another recommended lexus shop said it may be the upper control arm but they are not sure. I purchased a...
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    DUI help Los Angeles!

    So i got pulled over saturday night in hermosa beach by a DUI taskforce outside of a club. I passed the field test, but they asked me to take a bac test and i refused as that is what i have always been advised to do. I spent the night in jail and now have a court date in march. I am new to...
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    Does the 1uz have a yamaha head?

    I know the 2jz does, just curious. I'm guessing not given the differences in specific output, but i can't believe i haven't researched this question before. I also brought this up because someone said the sc400 had a yamaha designed airbox, which i am not sure it that is true.
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    Moving to l.a., need to know some stuff

    So i figured i'd ask you guys a couple of lexus related questions before i take my car out there. I need to find a good and affordable mechanic shop for my car. I've heard good things about Dynamic auto service in Westminster. Anywhere else, what is there hourly rate? I am going to need my...
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    Sudden gas mileage decrease after long idle!

    My car (sc400) always averages around 22mpg per tank at fill up, mostly highway driving and some city driving. Well, a couple of weeks ago i had to wait almost two hours to cross the border and idled the whole time. As soon as i got across i filled my tank and these last two tanks have...
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    Porting intake manifold, larger tb vs. itb's

    Has anyone tried a ported upper and lower intake manifold with a larger tb on a 1uz. I have found companies that port intake manifolds and granted the dynos were on domestic cars (although modern, like a 4.6 mustang), the gains were big time in conjuntion with ported heads. Anyone out there...
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    FS: OEM Timing belt kit 1uz 90-97

    I was going to replace my timing belt on my sc400, yet it doesn't need to for awhile. These are genuine japanese parts. Toyota timing belt 13568-59045, toyota front crankshaft seal 90311-42026, camshaft seals, koyo idler made in japan, NSK tensioner made in japan. $200 shipped. Check feedback...
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    in car adjustable height

    I was looking online at a video of jay leno's new vette, c6rs? and it had a computer and manual controlled air suspension that he could raise the front height to go up ramps, over speed bumps and then lower for best performance. is there any aftermarket like this for the sc/supra?
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    Completed rear mount turbo sc400

    I found these photos today and i want more info! This person claims they did all the work themselves, yet they may not even be members of the lextreme or clublexus forums (no talk, and all action, i like it), but at the same time i'd like to know everything about this project. Its the only rear...
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    quick question?

    does the 1uz have a washer in-between the oil pan and drain plug?
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    something wrong after bushing replacement

    I changed the lower control arm bushings to Daizen since the internet told me i should with the mileage and after inspection i could see deterioration on the rear ones. I ran into a problem during removal, the camber bolts were seized into the bushing sleves. I ended up torching the camber bolts...
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    world's cheapest supercar

    Factory five that does cobra kit cars has come up with a kit supercar that costs only 20K from them, has a curb weight of like 2250, mid-engine layout, and only requires a c5 vette donor car and g50 transaxle. They say you can be said and done for about 40k, but i've seen wrecked c5's for 4-8K...