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  1. MWP

    My R154 solution

    Finally got it done :) R154 -> Ed's adapter design -> U1 bellhousing R154 -> My adapter design -> Tilton 400 series concentric release bearing #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  2. MWP

    SC400 / Soarer Suspension... how well can these cars handle?

    Hi all, Im considering buying a SC400/Soarer for my daily car. One concern i have though is how they handle, and how much they can be improved. I need a car that doesnt feel like a boat... i do a lot of windy hills driving. Ie, fairly stiff suspension, not much roll, handles like its on rails...
  3. MWP

    Incredible rally stage...

    This is off topic i know, but if you thought that Ken Brock vid was cool, watch this... part1: part2: The concentration required to drive and navigate that is simply incredible. ... its why...
  4. MWP

    WTB: 1UZ rear main seal plate

    Hi all, I didnt notice the two bolts under the block holding on the rear main seal cover/plate, so while trying to pry it off, i cracked it Anyone have one spare they can send my way?? Thanks.
  5. MWP

    UCF11-AEPQK Engine Loom Wiring Diagrams

    Hi all, UCF11-AEPQK = JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) 1990 UCF11 Celsior. I just finished working out where most of the wires go on this engine loom, thought the info might be useful to other people. Click on the images for the full sized versions (~2MB each)... If any corrections need to...
  6. MWP

    Connector id help?

    Hi all, There are a couple of connectors/plugs on my 1UZ (UCF11) loom that i cant identify. Can you guys help?? First are these two (#1 & #2) that are found at the end of the LHS injector loom under where the diag connector is mounted. #1 - ????? #2 - ????? Next are these which are on the...
  7. MWP

    WTB: 1UZ Alternator (any)

    Hi all, Anyone have a spare alternator in decent condition they want to get rid of? Im having trouble finding one here in Adelaide at a decent price :( Thanks!
  8. MWP

    Alternator alternatives...

    Hi guys, Im refreshing my 1UZ at the moment, and came across this photo: Has anyone done something similar? Im looking for ideas on alternators from other engines + brackets i can use since my 1UZ didnt come with an alt attached :( Thanks.
  9. MWP

    1UZ Prep

    Hi all, Now i have the 1UZ from the halfcut home and on an engine stand, what kind of prep work should i be doing to it before its installed in the car? To be approved for rego, it needs to look 100% factory (so all emissions gear and intake piping & filter). This is the list ive come up with...
  10. MWP

    Halfcut questions...

    Hi all, I had a quick look at a UCF11 half cut today. 92,000KM on the odo, dusty as hell, so it looks like its been sitting around for a while. The guy selling it says he will do a compression test on it tomorrow (ill be there for it). What numbers should i be hoping for? Will they be a bit...
  11. MWP

    1UZ Emissions (argh, rego want tests)

    Hi all, I just got my DOT (department of transport) approval for the 1UZ into RA28 conversion. One of the requirements to have the car approved is: "That the exhaust system emits not more than 2.5% carbon monoxide and 250 parts per million of hydrocarbons at engine idle speed". Has anyone had...
  12. MWP

    1UZ engine serial number

    Can someone please give me a valid 1UZ (non-vvti) serial number? I need it for road transport authority engine conversion approval. I only need one as i havent bought an engine yet... obviously proper registration will be done with the serial number of the engine i do buy. Thanks!!
  13. MWP

    Coolant in & out sizing?

    Hi all. Can someone do me a favor and measure the OD of the coolant in & out connections on the 1UZ. Im having a radiator made up, so i want the in & out on that the same size. Thanks.
  14. MWP

    1UZ vs VVTI 1UZ (wiring?)

    Hi all, Im finally at the point where i need to seriously consider engine options from my RA28. Really, there are only two options, the 1UZ and the later VVTI 1UZ. Im going fully road engineered and RTA approved with this car, so the 1UZ (which ever flavor i choose) will need to run on the...
  15. MWP

    New IS500 (maybe) ......... Was put up on OCAU forums, i copied the image, text etc from there. Who knows if the image/info is true.
  16. MWP

    Strange single turbo setup....

    Hi all, Look carefully at this photo: Notice the turbo is only supplied by exst from one bank of the V8. Anyone seen a setup like this before? Seems it would simplify a single turbo setup a lot.
  17. MWP

    Engine Anyl Pro Files/Discussion

    Hi all, Ive put up rivmasta's EAP 1UZ engine files up on a web server for everyone. You can get them here: The more accurate we can make the stock 1UZ profile, the more useful itll be. So if anyone has heads, inlet manifolds, exst headers, etc laying...
  18. MWP

    NA Tuning

    Hi all, I see lots of threads/info in these forums on forced induction 1UZ mods and results. But almost nothing on high end 1UZ NA tuning and results. I mean from things like, balancing/blueprinting, ITBs, increased compression, port & polish, cams, etc, etc. What kind of rev limits have...
  19. MWP

    Hydraulic Supercharging

    Hi all, After all this discussion on the hydraulic fans, it has got me thinking about what else the hydrauilc pump/motor could be used for. Now this may be a crazy idea... but could you use it to power a supercharger? My guess is probably not, due to the pump/motor not being big enough to...
  20. MWP

    Be careful....

    Its a very bad idea to have negative comments on businesses in a internet forum like this! I know of a couple of internet forums that have had to close due to users posting bad comments about businesses. The business then sued the owners of the forum for defamation (i think thats the correct...