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    Turbo 2UZ Landcruiser

    What will happen if I DON'T use an aftermarket ECU? As in, what will happen if I just bolt the turbo on and drive it?
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    I have been told that the 2UZ doesn't need the valves adjusting, EVER! I have a late 2003 4.7 LANDCRUISER and it seems to me its getting a bit puffy. Non VVTI,
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    Hi all, I have a 2003 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER, which is just the LX470 with a few less options and a better looking front end!! Right hand drive Aussie version. It has a 4.7 with the 5spd auto, I am going to turbo it and have been told the gearbox is the biggest hurdle for controlling. So, what...