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    1UZ-FE into 1975 MK2 Escort

    Hi All So i thought id start with a thread here, i am busy building a 1UZ into my Little MK2 Escort, Pulled the old 1600cc Kent engine, and the 1UZ is in the engine bay and chassis mounted, i will Upload pics, the Firewall was moved about 5 cm and i had to cut the Gearbox Tunnel out to fit...
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    Noob from South Africa

    Hi All Im new here from SA and this Forum is the best place ever! I am planning a 1UZFE with Autobox Conversion into my 1975 Mk2 Ford Escort, I joined a couple of days ago but only decided to post now! I was reading 80% of the topics on the Forum. I will be running a Stock 1UZFE with a...