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    Anyone have an accurate drawing of the engine side Bellhousing dimensions?

    As the topic says. Im looking for exact dimensions of the crankshaft centerline to the engine dowel pine centerline. found a pic online that says the 2uz is 0.364" and another fellow member sent me a drawing with a 0.400" measurement but my realtime measurements are showing an approx. 0.464"...
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    Flywheel for Tilton 7.25" on 1uzfe with arp bolts

    Up for sale a flywheel I purchased from when I was planning on running an r154/7.25" setup and ive since moved to a t56 magnum which required a custom deeper offset flywheel due to input shaft length limitations. After taxes and shipping I have $450cdn into the flywheel...
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    For those drag racing in north America

    Im running into some problems trying to build my celica to 10.0 NHRA legal. Mainly the requirements for SFI certified harmonic balancer, flywheel, clutch, bellhousing. As far as I've been able to tell either no-one makes them or they're all custom 1-off parts? Any ideas? I've got the tire...
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    How am I making this much power at so little boost

    Serious question, how am I making [email protected] Relevant build information: -7mgte 440cc injectors -Precision Turbo Billet 6262 ball bearing, 0.58AR t4/v-band -megasquirt AF/r is 11.4-11.8, timing is 22deg at 4krpm tapering to [email protected] -Totally stock early crown majesta engine -semi-log...
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    '72 RA21 Coupe, 1uzfe and Single Turbo

    Late 72 production (early 73 model year) Celica Coupe Odometer shows 04421 Miles so probably 104,421. Has been sitting in Farmers field since 1984 VERY little rust, underside looks to be in great shape Trunk is excellent etc will have a better look when i start stripping it down this weekend...