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  1. vsh150

    1uz non vvti piston rings

    Hello all, i need piston rings for a 1uz non vvti but only can find 1.5 x 1.5 x3 , my piston are 1.2 x1.2 x 3 , any know the correct part number or where i can find these rings? best regards
  2. vsh150

    WTB crankshaft timing gear 1st gen 1UZ

    I need to buy a crankshaft timing gear for a 1st gen 1uzfe (non VVti) in the states. Salutes
  3. vsh150

    Pipe size for Hybrid 1-2 uz with M112 ?

    I all , i made my 1uz vvti with a 2uz long block , and soon want mount an m112 SC , my question is for the best configuration on exhaust. Previously a have a non vvti 1 uz with dual 2" Y pipe and single 2.5" with magnaflow turbo xl muffler, good sound and performance . Now I have the option to...
  4. vsh150

    Timing belt , 209 or 211 Tooth ?

    Hi all , i have a 1uzfe vvti , when a try to replace the timing belt i purchase a 209x34 , but is too short, checking the old belt and is 211x34 , why the difference?
  5. vsh150

    A650 vs A750F same control ???

    Hi all, im planning a 1uzfe vvti swap on my Land Cruiser, can i use an A750F with de 1uz ecm? somebody have the wiring diagrams of this transmissions? Salutes
  6. vsh150

    1uzfe vvti , how to id if has Inmobilizer???

    Hello all, i want to buy a 1uz vvti, but the seller dont know if has inmo or not, with the ecu part number can i know? salutes
  7. vsh150

    1uz UCF11 no up revs

    Hi all, I put a 1uzfe from an UCF11 on a YN106 Hilux , the engine runs fine cold or warm , but no revs up to aprox 1500-2000 rpm , heres the video: I been search but is no clear the problem, any idea? notes: -wiring come with...