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    Aem ems 30-1100

    I have an AEM EMS (series 1) that was used in my Supra with the 2JZGTE motor. These have been adapted by other members here to work with the 1UZ motor. I no longer have a use for it, so I would like to sell it. I currently have it on e-bay (290932687258). I'd be willing to end that auction...
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    3UR-FE has 8 rib belt/pulleys

    For those of you looking for 8 rib pulleys for superchargers, you might want to check out the accessory pulleys on the 3UR-FE (the 2007+ Tundra 5.7). Those engines have the 8 rib pulleys stock. Perhaps these pulleys could be used on the 1UZ accessories. I wonder if they did the 8 rib pulleys...
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    5.7L supercharger perhaps we'll see one in the future. more pics:
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    Get ready for 5.7l UZ motor!

    Looks like the new Tundra gets a 5.7l! Luckily these trucks will be built only 100 miles away from me. Not sure what the HP rating is yet. Hopefully this motor is built off the 1/2/3UZ family.
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    Getrag 6 speed to 1/2/3UZ

    OK, making good progress on the adapter to mate the Getrag 6 speed found in 1993-1998 Toyota Supra Turbos to the 1/2/3UZ engine. First, some background: My original intention was to mill of the existing flange on the 6 speed, have a new flange CNC milled to match the V8, then weld on the...
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    2UZ fits in Supra, sort of

    Got the 2UZ-FE motor in this weekend. I made some custom mounts, so it uses the SC400 rubber isolators. Unfortunaetly the Tundra motor mounts will not work (not even close) and the SC400 mounts will not bolt up to the 2UZ block. I state the engine "sort of" fits because the intake manifold...
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    1UZ engine component weights

    I thought maybe we should start a engine component weight thread. Let's try to get all the parts weighed, and we'll add it to the top of the thread. For starters: bare short block: 78 lbs / 35.4 Kg crankshaft: 56 lbs / 25.4 Kg cylinder head, assembled 45 lbs / 20.4 Kg...
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    1UZ fits in Supra!

    Well, I finally got around to test fitting it. This is a '99 1UZ with '92 SC400 oil pan and engine mounts. I'ts like it was meant to go in there. I swear it was probably easier to get it in than the 2JZGTE! It looks like I am going to have tons of room to get the turbo kit in there...
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    Boring a 1UZ block to 94mm is what I am planning on doing. I am checking with a machine shop today to see if they will resleeve the 1UZ for me. 94mm bore x 82.5mm stroke = 4.58l 94mm bore x 84mm stroke = 4.66l
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    pic of A/C compressor on engine

    Anyone have a close up pic of the A/C compressor on the 1UZ motor? I have what I think is the right compressor, but it looks like it requires a bracket, but I am not sure (i do not have the bracket).
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    OK, yet another supercharger project!

    I know many of you are busy on some of your projects (some really cool ones), but I have yet another twist. FWIW, I really wanted to do a twin turbo project, and maybe eventually I will, but I have never built or owned a supercharged engine, and I would really like to do something different for...