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    My Engine Runs . Finally . after a year .

    Hi everybody ! my engine finally runs. yesterday night i cranked it an started right up and running like a pumping heart of a rhino.. Thank You Lextremers ... :D
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    thank you everyone that helped me..

    First of all ..thank GOD for Tonyd ,zuffen,sideshows and all that replied .. i finally have spark.. I removed the iridium plug instead of using the normal denso flat headed plug to test spark . and discovered the spark plug tip was wet with oil . because i searched the forum earlier and saw a...
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    What connectors are these? can Anybody tell me?

    Firstly sorry to disturb everybody again. I need to know what these plugs does. ECU-89661-50050, 26p-16p-22p-26p. 1) there's two very identical 4 pin connectors. with the same wire colors too. one of the similar wires are the Blk/Red with 12v when switched on.. they are situated behind the...
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    What happened to my ECU?

    as what sideshow told me sooner this day.i check the tps connector for approx 5 v and there were none. then i discovered the last 26p plug is upside down type and so i plugged in the wires wrongly and then fitted them correctly pin 4 M-rel ,pin 5 w-check engine light and pin 26 battery .. so i...
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    1uz Out of the car,no start condition.any solution?

    as you can see below.i have an ECU with 26p 16p 22p 26p ECU number is 50050. All the connectors are there except for the 4th connector that has 26p,is missing. i didn't get it from the seller and he didn't get it from his. I followed the wiring from 'Tonyd'.. one of the members here. 1)...
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    How many igniters needed?

    Hi everybody 。i got an engine 。ucf 11 。 i got the engine without the igniters ,so i bought a pair of igniters marked 201 as said in this site that you need to have a pair the same igniters 。 these 2 igniters are both mounted on one metal plate 。。so is that it? or i need to buy another pair ? so...
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    ignitors marked 201 can it be use for ucf11?

    i saw both ignitors screwed on a piece of metal plate that has a sticker with 201 numbered. their connectors are still intact but their wires are cut .. I have a v8 motor ECU is 26p ,16p 22p,16p. ECU number is 89661 50050. can i use these ignitors ? If can, how can i wire it up? Any idea from...
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    1990-94 LS400 repair manual?

    does anybody here know where i can download the repair manual for a 90-94 LS400 ? thanks a lot....
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    How to Auto trans to Manual& Fire up engine LS400

    Hi everybody !I don't know whether some of you could spare me some time for my questions but I'll try anyway.. First of all my name is andy.I'm from malaysia.. I bought a lexus LS400 engine ,front sump AutoTrans. The seller gave me an ECU plus a huge Wire Harness attached to it...