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    introducing myself finally!!!!!!!

    My name is Manuel A. Castill jr. I am from hoston texas and have been a member n this site for awhile. Don't post much but am a lurker.. I always wanted a lexus ls400 or celsior for awhile.. since last year ive owned about 4 of em which i have gotten or less than $1000us each.. I have fallen in...
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    power steering not working?

    k i'm having a problem with power steering. I had found a leak on the high pressure hose, so I replaced with the one on my parts car. Well now i bled it and everything but still is hard what am i doing wrong???? the way i did it: step 1. take high pressure hose off pump and rack step 2. put...
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    1uz manual conversion?

    k i'm lost were can i get the whole conversion or what do i need? I"m a total noob.