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  1. JustenGT8

    1uz engines/bits

    No need for these any more and could do with the room. 1 engine BHG but otherwise fine 1 engine mech ok, mostly complete but poached for minor parts 1 engine fully disassembled. Large box of spares eg multiple covers, igniters, pulleys, fuel rails, UZ nuts and bolts, some new bits like...
  2. JustenGT8

    VVTi disconnected?

    Has anyone (for whatever reason) run their 1UZ or 3UZ VVTi with the VVTi disconnected? I am curious if the ECU will even let the car start and if so how did it run? My built VVTi with aftermarket ECU is behaving badly....i'm trying to determine if it is expected that it would sound as rattly...
  3. JustenGT8

    Autronic sm2 issues

    Hopefully someone is still up to date on this old clunker of an ECU :) I have gone to a VVTi engine from my old non VVTi setup. I have also wired in an 500r CDI box and I'm using Honda CDI CoP. Sideshow redid the loom for me and at this stage I'm assuming he got it right. Buggered if I can...
  4. JustenGT8

    Injectors. 2 sets of 8

    I have 2 sets of 8 injectors FS, acquired in my various UZ builds. 7MGE 315cc/min high impedance- good for 400ish hp $200 RX7 550cc/min high impedance - good for 700ish hp $400 Plus post
  5. JustenGT8

    Drop in 1000cc injectors

    Anyone found a large flowing, decent drop in injector? I have already converted to a Bosch style plug, so just looking or something the right height and 1000cc/min plus flow.
  6. JustenGT8

    1UZ VVTi max adv?

    Anyone know what the maximum advance the VVTi inlet cam will go to?
  7. JustenGT8

    WTB VVTi engine loom

    I'm after as complete an engine loom as anyone has....or failing that, the plugs for the COP, VVTi control and cam sensors, or advice on where to source said plugs from
  8. JustenGT8

    VVTi heads and 2UZ cams FS

    The plan was to combine these and stick them on my built UZ short engine (also FS POA), but having picked up a complete built engine i'm selling these on. VVTi heads, with intake, fuel rails, injectors etc. Will throw in some fuel rail extrusions for custom rails. $500 Full set of 2UZ cams...
  9. JustenGT8

    TEIN EDFC dampner controller

    This came with the recent Aristo purchase, but i have no need for it. It's the full kit with controller and motors (x4). Cheapest i can find this new is $500 delivered. This one looks to be in perfect condition so $250AUD. 0409840972
  10. JustenGT8

    WTB - 2UZ inlet manifold

    that's all i'm after :)
  11. JustenGT8

    Supercharged 1UZ celica

    My existing TTUZ thread has the forum aids so for some reason is out of order and started by someone else :confused: but anyways :rolleyes: the last coupla pages show my new SC setup along with a vid of the first proper startup :) I like the noises it makes ;)...
  12. JustenGT8

    ARP Head Studs

    I have a set of these FS, sans nuts. They go for $359 from Lextreme here, but no longer needed so make an offer :)
  13. JustenGT8

    stock exhaust manifold potential

    So in my constant playing around with stuff i'm looking at what hp the stock exhaust manifolds will cope with once the engine is supercharged? They are the semi log style versions (dunno what car the engine is from?), so in between the block hugger logs and the more tri-Y version. They don't...
  14. JustenGT8

    triple plate clutch options

    Hiya, Fairly recently someone (my addled brain can't recall :rolleyes:) posted a link to a clutch supplied that did a nice triple plate? Anyone remember posting or seeing that link? I have searched all my subscribed threads but it's escaped me :confused: I'm after a tilton style triple plate...
  15. JustenGT8

    HP potential from TRD Supercharger

    OK, the TRD Eaton MP90 found on the 4.7litres is good for how much hp? and how hard do you have to run the things to make their max?
  16. JustenGT8

    WTB 2UZ non VVTi heads

    anyone know where i cam lay my hands on a pair these?
  17. JustenGT8

    1UZ VVTi cams versus 2UZ non VVti cams

    OK, the story is a little convoluted but stay with me :) I'll be running a 1UZ VVTi block with VVTi heads BUT i want to run non VVTi cams. Apparently the 2UZ non VVTi cams fit? A couple of knowledgable sources are confident this is the case but if anyone has actually tried it that would be...
  18. JustenGT8

    WTB 2UZ non-VVti cams

    A bit of a long shot but anyone?
  19. JustenGT8

    Cams for 2UZ (non VVTi)

    Anyone know a supplier that can do these?....for a price that won't require i sell my 1st born to afford :)
  20. JustenGT8

    Twin Turbo Celica in action

    Here's a vid from a Hill Climb i did Sunday just gone....a bit too tight and twisty for the cars current setup and traction was pretty well absent :)