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    Pinout for Ecu 89661-50170

    Hi guys I'm having a lot of trouble locating a diagram for my ECU, its a 89661-50170 (34-22-16-28 layout) from a UCF 1X Celsior. The loom had been wired for a later (UCF2X) ecu that didn't match the motor and I am now just trying to...
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    Eaton M112 supercharger suit 1UZ + more Syd, Australia

    Eaton M112 supercharger, yella terra snout, bullet manifold, modified fuel rail and injector loom to suit different injectors, speedflow fittings/braided line, belt, wolf3D ecu, all to suit lexus 1UZ $5000 negotiable I need this gone asap to fund new project! Blower is near new, only vehicle its...