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    Another update on rdms TT sc400..

    Trans cooler the way to go; i lost a built tranny because of a leak in the radiator. Water & anti freeze contaminated trans fluid; a dedicated trans cooler eliminates this and more efficient. pops
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    Another update on rdms TT sc400..

    Saw pictures of rdm engine bay, very impressive. Keep up the good work. pops
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    IS350 D4 Injection - High Tech -

    Good Reading Thank you for a good post to site! pops
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    Engine Build Up

    take it back Bring back and have machine shop clean it up; one little burr or scrap in oil passage or water passage and all your work and dreams are wasted. You cant possibly clean the engine as good as a prepped machine shop. This does not reflect good on their work or quality. pops I picked...
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    98 lexus sc 400 headers...

    throttle by wire how will you handle throttle by wire issue?
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    Tranny problems?

    You dont have a trans problem; no nos no problem! Nos is either a dry or wet system, if wet you could be robbing fuel needed for injectors. And there is possibility you are blowing flame off pistons.Your letting up would allow fuel and or spark to return to decent paremeters. Pinch plugs down 5k...
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    Tranny problems?

    trans Trans is almost identical to 340e used in a supra i had;i had it rebuilt by Hypster in German town, Wisc. I am familiar yes' very knowledgable no ! Same trans ! Trans can run hooked up wrong. meaning wire loom was cut! But you will notice it in first gear no power.I ran a 396hp 7mgte...
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    Tranny problems?

    trans Also run a ground for trans computer
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    Tranny problems?

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    Another update on rdms TT sc400..

    Looking good talk soon; i hope. Good enough to be proud of. pops
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    Another update on rdms TT sc400..

    Looking good talk soon; i hope. Good enough to be proud of. pops
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    Another update on rdms TT sc400..

    sleeper Talk Chris into doing my car up and we would have a real sleeper; both car and Driver.
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    Another update on rdms TT sc400..

    oilers Looking Good ! Any Outstanding race engine on market has some sort of piston oiler; certainly can't hurt. Now just fasten the last two oilers and clean out the oil galley for chips and burs.I've found that heavy grease on drill bit acts as a good collector for aluminum chips. As if you...
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    Budget Turbo Selection

    Choosing Turbos Hello ! and I applaud you for your project first off; then I would suggest you choose a turbo that would be considered a substantial upgrade for a four cylinder project. Then when you eventually move up the boost, there will be a market for your used turbos. Don't Kill the car...
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    Another update on rdms TT sc400..

    congradulations ! You gotta keep pushing ahead to get anywhere the sc400 will benefit from this promotion also i hope.
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    starting problem

    same problem Let me know via pM what problem is as i have same exact ! Exact. My next thing is to replace throttle position sensor. I may wait to hear from you, if i find problem il let you know. pops
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    Another update on rdms TT sc400..

    If it looked any nicer, you'd be afraid to put oil in it! I think you will actually find it holds up better than regular paint and wont flake off. Also its easier to work on and helps detect problems. There is so much effort being put into this project it definately deserves this little extra...
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    1uz-fe VS 2jz-gte

    King 2jzgte you are absolutely right, it will be hard for anyone to argue the point. You have witnessed it first hand and can appreciate it more than others. pops
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    Vibration from the back end

    vibration if you had driveshaft disconnected ? take it apart and rotate 180 deg. wheel bearing or axel shaft frozen will also cause problem; look into possible wheel or tire balance.
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    Fair price for V8 Turbo manifolds?

    S/S Headers I think if it's quality workmanship six hundred a side is fair and do you intend to do a single and duel set up ! Many of my friends have paid up to 800 for a four cylinder setup. I live in area and would prefer to deal with a local Custom.