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    1UZ into mx73 connecting power to the ecu

    Im almost towards the end of my swap and im stuck.. Im running the 1uzfe ecu with the motor. I only have the harness that connects to the actual ecu meaning the same one thats running to the injectors and several sensors. My question is how to get power to the ecu so the starter...
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    LS400 Instr Panel into MX73

    I have seen that several people were able to fit the ls400 instrument panel into the mx73 and working properly. I was wondering if anyone has the steps for this procedure, how to wire what to solder/connect. Any help would be appreciated thanks
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    1UZ Cressida Swap Questions

    Hey all! I just joined this site and figured i'd introduce myself. I went to UTI and now im working for a converting company. I do mostly mechanical projects and factory line installments. I have an 88 MX73 Cressida in really good shape with low miles. I knew from day 1 that I was going to do...