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    A340E rebuilds

    So if I'm going to rebuild my A340, are there any other available gear ratios I can swap in? For example, do the A650 gears fit? Is there any way to ditch the overdrive gear for a 1:1, and make the rest of the gears closer ratio?
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    TT rotors vs '95 LS400 rotors

    So I found a couple references to TT rotors working with '95 LS400 calipers. Is that true? Found one reference saying no, but wanted to check if anyone has actually tried. Its 8mm in diameter, 4.1mm in height, and 2mm in nominal...
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    Upgraded wheel bearings?

    Anybody ever upgrade their wheel bearings to a ceramic or high temp or lower rolling resistance bearing? We smoked the right front bearing on our race car last fall, and I'm debating whether its worth looking for a better then stock bearing for our racing. I've heard the time we spent on a...
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    SC400 Race Videos

    I race my sc400 in chumpcar, and in this blog post I link to all our bumper cam videos from racing at BIR, in Brainerd, MN. More videos are posted in other spots of the blog from other races we've run this year and last year...
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    Sway bar end links

    Is there any history of these being weak on the SC400/Supra? They look kind of small, and I'd like to add adjustability. I'm wondering if anybody has made any themselves or if there is a good set to buy? I'll probably make some, but wanted to do some comparison first. Thanks.
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    Allow me to introduce myself, I race an SC400

    Hi, I'm Greg, I'm new to the forum here. I'm from MN and last year I built a 92 SC400 to race in the Chumpcar Worldseries. Its like 24 hrs of LeMons. We started with a twice salvaged SC400, the most recent being from hitting a bear in northern MN. So we began gutting the car, and making it...