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  1. Hachibill

    Wanted 1uz ecu/harness u.s.

    Im looking for a 95-97 1uz ecu/ harness and maf. Needs to be in good working condition. [email protected] Or text 941-545-0747 Please respond to above, not this thread. Thank you.
  2. Hachibill

    M112 Manifold Mod 2

    In one of the pics of the engine bay it looks like the front shocks are out of it.
  3. Hachibill

    M112 Manifold Mod 2

    where has your suspension gone??? but on a side note, how much are you going to be asking for this kit if you intend to produce it?
  4. Hachibill

    Hg question

    Thanks, thats what i needed to know. Since im shooting for around 450 or so i think im just gonna do them before i put the motor in.
  5. Hachibill

    Hg question

    I was wondering when the stock head gaskets start to fail on first gen 1u's? Can they withstand the cylinder pressures of 400-500 whp? Just wondering if it was possible like it is on a 2j. Unlike my7m which needs hg and studs at anything above vacume.
  6. Hachibill

    Request For Info - Only Those With Supercharged UZ's

    Thats the info im looking for. But 950nm seams a bit to high, that works out to 700ftlbs.
  7. Hachibill

    fabbing 1uz turbo manifold questions

    2 ct26's will work fine. Just get the one's off a 3sgte.
  8. Hachibill

    MA61 with 1GZ-Fe swap

    this car = win
  9. Hachibill

    My v8 (1uz) supra swap.

    who did yoru mounts?
  10. Hachibill

    V8 Supra Swap Tutorial

    guess i got some miss-information. someone told me if you had a 89+ supra that the sc400 motor would bolt in. i thought it was feesable since they are both rear sump and the 89+ have the new style mounts. if i have to make mounts i'm gonna keep the early style subframe
  11. Hachibill

    UZ manual conversion kit for test/sale - I need a volunteer

    thats awsome that someone in the us is finally doing something. any updates on installed r154 kits or new availability?
  12. Hachibill

    Toyota R154 5 speed manual gearbox adaption kit

    nice find. it still seams like everyting for the 1uz is made in either the uk or australia. we need some support here in the u.s.
  13. Hachibill

    440cc injectors for sale

    why won't the 7mgte turbo injectors work? i have a complete set if 8. will they go in the rail, and i just need different plugs? whats the deal?
  14. Hachibill

    supercharged manifolds for sale

    damn it must suck to live in cali! here in florida we have no emissions or inspections of any kind. i plan on using megasquirt so i don't have to worry about egr. are these manifolds still available?
  15. Hachibill

    1UZFE aluminum Fidanza flywheel

    wow, sounded like a good idea, but fidanza flywheels aren't that great. i've seen many bad exsperiences of them flying apart after 3000 miles. you have to take everything apart and re-torque the flywheel after 1500 miles or something liek that. crome molly would be better. but i give it to...
  16. Hachibill

    n00b with some questions

    1st off i have to say this forum is bad ass. more useful info than i can shake a stick at. one thing a have noticed is all the 1uzfe parts and most of the cool a*** swaps are done in australia. is there any one on here from the u.s.? and aere there any write ups on doing the 1uz mk3 into a u.s...
  17. Hachibill

    getting there

    damn, i just picked up a 87 n/a hardtop for $250. next in line is the sc400 motor and a megasquirt to control it. i just happen to work for a shop that does SR mtoor swaps into 240's. we've also done a bunch or 1j mk3 swaps as well. should be a fun swap. if any one knows where i can get a nice...
  18. Hachibill

    Welcome Supra Owners

    awsome sit!!! had a mk3 turbo that got wrecked awhile back. been into 240sx's ever since. now its time to get back to my roots. just picked up an 87 n/a hardtop for $250, I really want to do a supercharged 1uz and set it up for my track car.