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  1. Hachibill

    Wanted 1uz ecu/harness u.s.

    Im looking for a 95-97 1uz ecu/ harness and maf. Needs to be in good working condition. [email protected] Or text 941-545-0747 Please respond to above, not this thread. Thank you.
  2. Hachibill

    Hg question

    I was wondering when the stock head gaskets start to fail on first gen 1u's? Can they withstand the cylinder pressures of 400-500 whp? Just wondering if it was possible like it is on a 2j. Unlike my7m which needs hg and studs at anything above vacume.
  3. Hachibill

    n00b with some questions

    1st off i have to say this forum is bad ass. more useful info than i can shake a stick at. one thing a have noticed is all the 1uzfe parts and most of the cool a*** swaps are done in australia. is there any one on here from the u.s.? and aere there any write ups on doing the 1uz mk3 into a u.s...