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    1uzfe knocking

    Hey, we also have a 1UZ in a Wrangler! Unfortunately your engine is likely toast if it hydro locked that hard. The connecting rod for that cylinder is likely bent, or the valves for that cylinder are likely in distress from trying to open to a cylinder full of fluid. I'd start by checking the...
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    1UZ Bellhousing CAD drawing

    Hi, Does anyone have the 1UZ bellhousing CAD drawing file handy? We're using a 1UZ in front of a chevy transmission. We have a junky DIY adapter plate but the alignment isn't good enough and is causing us trouble. We'd like to make a better, more precise adapter, but to do that we need some...
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    Early heads on VVTi block

    Thanks for the info. On a related note, do you know if the early lower intake manifold will physically bolt up to the VVT-i heads? I have an idea that may allow the early electronics to control the VVT-i coils.
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    Early heads on VVTi block

    Hey guys, a friend has a 1991 1UZ swapped into a truck, and an oiling issue caused the engine to spin some main bearings. The local junkyards usually have 1UZs for around $150, but for whatever reason there are not many around at the moment. The only engine they have is a '98 VVTi motor. I was...
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    1uz-fe Auto box 1st gear kick down??

    TransGo sells a shift kit that fits the A340E if you want harder shifts.
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    LS400 1UZ hard start problem

    You likely have a stock idle valve. Very common problem.
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    supercharger help

    Getting some kind of intercooling is one of the most important things you can do when supercharging.
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    1UZ in Thai longtail boat

    Remember both cylinder heads are identical castings, so the gasket is what controls water flow through the head for the correct side.
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    1UZ in Thai longtail boat

    It's always a good time to change valve stem seals if you have the cylinder head off.
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    Engine runs for a few seconds then dies

    Hi, I know it's a little late, but we had the same problem. Turned out the timing jumped 1 tooth on one cylinder bank. Engine would start and die. If you unplugged one cam sensor, it would keep running. Verify your timing.
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    Can someone identify this part 1996 LS400

    Transmission breather as mentioned. Might let dirt get into your transmission, so probably best to replace it.
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    1uz swapped into a 91 4runner?

    4Runners are one of the most common 1UZ swapped vehicles.
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    Very low idle when warm, 1990 1UZ

    It was leaking on our pump, so we eliminated it.
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    Very low idle when warm, 1990 1UZ

    I think I might try putting it into "Park" and seeing if the idle comes up. Does anyone know if there is a difference into how the computer handles timing/fuel in "Park" vs "Drive"?
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    Very low idle when warm, 1990 1UZ

    My main problem is the idle speed is so low, the alternator is barely putting out any power. That and sometimes it almost stalls putting it into gear. I never started the donor car (engine came from the JY), so I don't know what a 1990 1UZ should idle at.
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    Very low idle when warm, 1990 1UZ

    No gear selection is wired at all. Looking at the wiring diagram, leaving all the transmission gear selection wires unhooked is the same as "Drive". Park/Neutral short the NSW and STA lines together. "Drive" isn't connected to anything. 2, Low and Reverse each have their own wires going to the...
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    Alternator defect

    I hope this helps . Try giving a few of these places a call. You may also try searching for "generator repair". You may also get better results by searching those terms in Dutch, French or German...
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    Alternator defect

    Where in Europe do you live?
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    3UZ Shallow (or Dry) Sump & Accusump / Oil Accumulator

    Would a different sump position work?